Why Zero-Power Intelligent Eyewear Is All the Rage Right Now

Why Zero-Power Intelligent Eyewear Is All the Rage Right Now

The average office-govt spends nearly 1700 hours per year in front of a PC screen. A deep-dive into screen time at work has shown that office workers spend an average of 6 and a half hours daily sitting at their PC or laptop. But this exposure to computerized screens is incurring significant damage.  

Eye fatigue, dryness, bothering eyes, loss of flexibility, nearsightedness are the most notable damages. Retinal harm is exceptionally problematic. Your eyes can get drained from intense use, causing twofold vision, cerebral pains, and fixation difficulties. You will often blink less while gazing at a screen, and your eyes can become dry and aggravated. You ought to keep away from dry eyes since it can affect the strength of your eye and cause hazy vision.  

Commonly, loss of center adaptability occurs as we age, yet excessive screen time can affect our ability to change our eyes to see at all distances quickly. In addition, digital gadgets discharge blue light which could harm light-sensitive cells in the retina. This can prompt early age-related macular degeneration, prompting loss of visual perception. 

However, there are various solutions to these issues. For example, you can utilize the 20/20/20 rule wherein you turn away for 20 seconds, focus on something 20 feet away, and use ointment drops to free your eyes from dryness. You can also lessen upward lighting to limit screen glare and take a stab at getting your eyes an arm’s distance far from the screen. Many people have vouched for zero-power computer glasses that are exceptionally very helpful with regard to protecting the eyes from digital screens.  

To search for a decent pair of PC glasses, we suggest that you get your hands on Intellilens’ pair of blue light filter PC glasses made with excellent TR90 outlines. They are the highest quality computer glasses for eye protection. The blue cut glasses provide complete UV protection and are equipped with an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating to provide an immersive and hassle-free eye care experience. 

Intellilens has carefully crafted all our blue light filtering glasses with the utmost precision to help you adapt to your fast-paced, digital lifestyle seamlessly.

You can use smart eye-wear across different phases in order to protect your eyes. For example, consider reading. People with 20/20 vision have reported trouble with clarity while reading books, newspapers, and the like, simply because their eyes are under strain. For this, consider reading glasses crafted specifically for reading. 

When it comes to driving as well, customized glasses meant for this particular purpose, equipped with glare and reflection protection can help. The key is to look for a specific problem to solve while you’re driving, in order to purchase the right kind of glasses for you.

With Intellilens, you have an array of options to choose from that solves your particular need. Right from computer glasses to polarised glasses, there’s something for everyone. Further, it comes quality-assured with durable frames and scratch-resistant glasses. Truly smart eye-wear meant for today’s digital natives! 

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