Apple Glasses may Arrive in 2023 with VR and AR: Reports

Apple Glasses may Arrive in 2023 with VR and AR: Reports

Apple has been working for years on the launch of a Mixed Reality viewer that, according to analyst information, should arrive before the end of 2022.

However, it seems that, finally, it could make it a little more difficult, specifically, until next 2023. 

Thus, it is maintained from ‘ Bloomberg ‘, a medium that indicates that the delay could be due to some problems of overheating in the device.

In addition, the medium reaffirms that, according to its information. The device will be priced at around $2,000, which would put it virtually out of reach for a handful of users. 

With this in mind, it may be difficult for the headset to represent real competition for the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality glasses from Meta, which are the most popular and are priced, depending on their storage, between 350 and 450 euros.

However, it seems that Apple’s future viewers will be focused, like the Quest 2, on its use in communications, content consumption and video games. 

Something that would differentiate it from Microsoft’s HoloLens, glasses more focused on use in business environments, but that move at prices similar to those that, according to ‘Bloomberg’, the firm of the bitten apple will have.

One of the reasons why the viewer, in principle, will have Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality functionalities will have that price lies in the inclusion of two chips with power similar to that of the M1 Pro with its billing. According to the information, the device will offer better graphics performance.

It is unknown what will be the name that Apple will choose for its new viewer. However, several possibilities are already being considered. 

For example, from ‘Bloomberg’ they point to Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight/iSight and even Apple Lens or Apple Goggles.

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