7 Trendy YouTube Channels You Should Consider Subscribing To In 2020

7 Trendy YouTube Channels You Should Consider Subscribing To In 2020

YouTube is the most popular video platform that offers viewers access to top-notch content. In the wake of digital marketing, it has acquired another essential role. Companies and individuals can create YouTube channels free of cost. It paves the path to reach out to their target clients. Viewers can watch these videos for free. If they like the quality and subject matter of the video is up to the mark, viewers can subscribe to these channels. The owner of the YouTube channel will get the opportunity to monetize the channel when the number of subscribers reaches a particular milestone. 

A quick search on the video platform shows that some of these channels have millions of followers and subscribers. However, one must remember that such numbers do not mean that it a channel worth subscribing to. One must view and analyze the video content and evaluate whether the channel is subscription worthy. As multiple contents are published on this platform regularly, it becomes somewhat challenging to cope up. Video content enthusiasts will require some assistance to begin their journey.

Holding on to the Top Position Is Not Easy

Numerous video content creators join YouTube daily. They may publish content on similar topics. With so many players, it is often difficult to stay at the top of the chart. Entertainment video contents enjoy a tremendous fan following. However, you need not subscribe to every YouTube channel that has significant followers. 

YouTube video content creators must strive to inform and entertain their subscribers. Failure to do so can trigger people to unsubscribe. It can hamper the online reputation and revenue generation. Publishing high-quality, attractive, and informative videos are keys to maintaining supremacy. Using YT video editor will assist with enhancing the look and overall value of the video contents.

7 Subscription-Worthy YouTube Channels You Must Check OutJenna Marbles

If you are a canine admirer, you must know about Jenna Marbles’ YouTube channel. The main start of this channel is the dog named Marble. Jenna creates video content that highlights her beloved four-legged companions. The talented content creator joined YouTube nine years back. Back then, her videos lacked the professional touch. Over the years, Jenna has perfected her craft and has never looked back. Recently, her channel hit the twenty million subscriber mark.

Her life centres around the four fury canine pals named Marbles, Peach, Kermit, and Bunny. She also publishes content that offers viewers a peek into personal life. Her friendly disposition and unique way of story-telling rope in more viewers regularly.

Emilia Fart

If you enjoy hilarious videos, with a motivational undertone, check out Emilia Fart’s YouTube channel. If you are watching her content for the first time, you might get a weird vibe. Soon, she will grow on you. This oddball wears vibrant make-up and feather coats. However, she is considered as a spokesperson for the young millennials. 

Emilia has insight into the personal issues that youngsters face. If you are not interested in videos that preach, then subscribe to her channel today. She addresses her issues and figures out ways to solve them. She dressed up as the beloved Harry Potter character Hagrid, and played the part to the “T.”


There are no extra points for guessing that trans-gender people have to put up with many problems. However, YouTube gave people a neutral platform to voice their opinions about gender and sexuality. Jamie Raines is the proud owner of Jammidodger. He started his journey on YouTube eight years from now. This young transgender man informs viewers about various social topics. 

Highlighting the problems of transgender individuals comes naturally to this gifted YouTuber. He shares the virtual limelight with Shaaba Lotun, his fiancé. His battles and how he overcame the obstacles are a potent source of motivation for others. Apart from publishing video content on gender issues, he also introduces subscribers to his beloved feline friends and tattoos.

Niko Omilana

People who like light-hearted prank videos must search for Niko Omilana’s YouTube channel. His videos will bring a smile on your face. He is based in the United Kingdom and makes funny videos. However, his contents also shed light on a more serious issue that can be compared to a stigma on humanity – racial discrimination.

Niko mentioned that he had been subjected to hurtful comments on social platforms. He takes these comments with a pinch of salt and gets back at the racist groups in hilarious ways. One of his videos shows how he managed to set up an eatery on the busy London Underground. 

Josh Pieters

Many popular YouTube channels showcase social experiment videos. Josh runs one such channel and is a sensation in the virtual platform. He aimed to hot the one million subscriber mark and accomplished it a few days ago. Though he plays pranks on people, one cannot dub him “fraudster.” Josh opined that the people featured in his contents are aware of what is going on. He also published content on other social networking platforms. In one such video, he mentioned that using special tools like Instagram video makers can increase the content’s worth. His experiment with a quail egg went viral on YouTube.

Special Books by Special Kids

Chris Ulmer is well-known for his work that highlights disability rights. Chris and Alyssa post videos, which shed light on different kinds of mental and physical disabilities. It is a positive space; however, many people posted negative comments, shunning their efforts. The channel focuses on bringing to light daily issues that grown-ups and kids with disabilities face, and their efforts to overcome these hindrances. If you desire to learn more about disability, these videos will offer substantial insight. 

Nerd City

YouTubers publish content at regular intervals. Nerd City does not belong to this category. The channel owner uploads a video once in five months. However, one content is published; you can rest assured that it will break the internet within a few hours. The channel makes videos on various subjects, with the end goal of offering entertainment and information. 


Whether you are a make-up fanatic or music lover, YouTube is the perfect video platform. Popular YouTube channels provide motivation, resources, and creative ideas for youngsters, who desire to create their channels. YouTube can be your ticket to reach out to millions of people from around the world and establish a connection. 

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