Amazon Prime one month

Amazon Prime will not permit users to buy the one-month subscription plan of Rs 129. The OTT platform has paused the free Amazon Prime trial package as well. 

This ought been made to comply with the Reserve Bank of India’s new guidelines. The RBI has commanded all banks and financial institutions to combine a portion of authentication to prepare recurring online transactions. The deadline for the corresponding is September 30.

Amazon Prime has updated its FAQ page that it will stop several plans because the banks will not be capable of processing any new applications for automated payments on your credit/debit cards.

Please note that effective April 1, 2021, owing to an RBI order, your bank may not be able to process any new applications for automated payments on your credit/debit cards. Therefore, effective April 27, 2021, we have momentarily discontinued: 

  1. New member sign-ups for Amazon Prime Free Trial 
  2. New member sign-ups for Monthly Prime Membership until further notice.

You can continue watching the Prime membership benefits by renewing/signing up for the Three Month or Annual Prime Membership here. 

Effective April 27, 2021, the update under this announcement will supersede any different positions in the Prime T&Cs below, the note by Amazon presented.

Currently, new users have only two plans to pick from a three-month plan that costs Rs 329 and a yearly plan that costs Rs 999. 

The yearly plan appears to obtain a lot of thought because it evolves a lot cheaper than the monthly plans if you assume it will become more affordable. Nowadays, most prepaid plans also begin with a free subscription to Amazon Prime, so you can view one of those if you don’t want to pay extra money or a lot of money on an Amazon Prime subscription.

RBI had spread the deadline for completing the new factor of authentication to protect users from inconvenience. The RBI had stated the new order in August 2019. 

It was initially appropriate to cards and wallets, but the following was a framework increased to cover Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions.


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