How to Stay Current on the Latest Tech

How to Stay Current on the Latest Tech

Things move so fast in the tech world. If you don’t stay up to date, you’ll fall behind. How can you stay up to date on the latest technology trends?

Follow Tech Trends

First, follow tech trends. Most major media outlets have a technology section that you can follow to keep up to date. There are also apps available to help you customize a newsfeed and read about tech specific to your life and your business. Apps make it easy since the information is all in an easily accessible place. 

The benefit of mainstream news sites and user-friendly apps is that they make tech easy to read and understand, even for the novice. They take the complex and make it digestible for the average consumer. Take all the talk about 5G and how it will change your life, for instance. You may have no idea what a network repository function can do for you or your network, but sites that break it down and make it simple can help you understand how it can keep your network stable, scalable and efficient. 

Use Your Inbox

If understanding the significance of 5G and other emerging technologies is essential to you, but you aren’t in the habit of going out of your way to read tech news, try having the latest news delivered to you via email. Major tech sites and news outlets offer daily roundups that they will send out to you for free. Sign up for one of these services and get in the habit of reading at least one article every day. If you do this, you’ll understand the difference between Bitcoin and Libra in no time. 

Monitor Social Media

If your inbox is rather cluttered as is, and you tend to spend a lot of time monitoring your Twitter feed anyway, use your social media prowess to stay on top of tech. Follow tech-related accounts and monitor hashtags that relate to your tech interests. This is an excellent way to get a general overview of what’s currently happening in real-time. As fields like data science emerge and grow, keeping up with them through Twitter will help give you a general understanding of how this technology will affect you, your life, and maybe even your career. 

And as you continue to search for and look for tech news, both on social media and on the web, those data science-related algorithms will change what you see to be more tech-related. The more you take an interest in something, the more you’ll see it on your daily internet browsing. 

Read Industry Reports

If you want to dig deeper into a topic than what’s offered through mainstream and tech-related media, try reading the latest research reports. There are websites 100 percent dedicated to taking an in-depth look at emerging tech. These reports vary from technologies that haven’t been adopted yet to ones that you’ll see tomorrow. Cardless payments are a great example here. First wrote these technologies about well before they seemed fathomable, but now you can pay at most locations through phone or smartwatch. Reading about this emerging technology before seeing them happen in real-time heightens awareness and observation as it’s adapted to your environment. 

Visit a Tech Conference

If you want to inundate yourself in the tech world, visit a tech conference. Learn about all things tech in a hands-on way and experience emerging technologies with vendors trying to get the word out about what they’ve created. Conferences are a great way to learn about startups and see where the industry is headed overall.

And if you can’t make it to a conference, read the reviews for the meeting once it’s over. This is a great trick to get a good synopsis on what’s been happening and overall trends without actually attending. 

Whether you attend a conference or follow new hashtags on Twitter, there are many ways you can keep up with the technological trends that impact your world. 

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