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Monday, November 28, 2022

What is Blockchain, and How Should You Invest

If in recent times, you have heard about what blockchain is and how it will revolutionize the future, surely you have wondered...
Investing in Cybersecurity

What is the Best Way to Begin Investing in Cybersecurity

It is the order of the day to hear about phishing, identity theft, and computer viruses. However, investing in cybersecurity is still...
Cloud computing

How Cloud Computing Contributes to Organizations

Cloud computing is essential. Why should companies switch to cloud computing platforms like AWS , Azure, or Oracle? Cloud computing is a...

Factors that Affect the Value of Cryptocurrencies

If anything has characterized the digital money market so far, it is volatility. Therefore, to analyze the future of cryptocurrencies, it is...
Desktop as a Service

6 Benefits of Implementing Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

There has been an increase in the percentage of companies that have reduced their turnover to 26.4%, almost four points more than...
Most Viewed Video Games

The 3 Most Viewed Video Games on Twitch this 2022

This platform has become viral among video game fans because the games of these video games can be broadcast live quickly.
Virtual Assistant

How Virtual Assistant is Growing and What’s Future

Digitization is already a reality within homes, and in recent years, this transformation has been consolidated with the regular use of virtual...
Bitcoin Trading

Latest Trends of Bitcoin Trading in Uganda

Bitcoin trading is becoming more popular in Uganda as people look for ways to invest their money. There are a few different...
Smart data

The Influence of AI, IoT, Automation, and Smart Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have decisively transformed the way people, companies, and public administrations interact. In the...
Smart Data

The Evolution of Big Data to Process Data Intelligently: Smart Data

The volume of information that companies collect is increasing. It is estimated that the volume of data generated worldwide will exceed 180...

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