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Telegram Accounts

How Cybercriminals Hijack Telegram Accounts – Be Alert

Users of the Telegram instant messaging application are having their accounts hijacked. It all starts with a message from a known contact...
Phishing Technique

New Undetectable Phishing Technique – Browser-in-the-Browser

Techniques for stealing confidential banking credentials and data by cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Generally, they tend to use the public's misinformation...

What is DevOps, and How can it Benefit Your Company in 2023

Cover the needs of customers and give a quick response and, at the same time, offer a service that is stable, safe...

What is Bard: Google Chat Competing with ChatGPT Based on AI

The solution has the same smart chatbot functionality and is in the testing phase. The company expects it to be available to...
Public Cloud

What Companies Choose Public Cloud or Private Cloud

The study of market trends carried out by IPM, a Ricoh Company, in January 2023 has analyzed how companies consider the adoption...
Free Editing Apps

Best Free Editing Apps in 2023 For Instagram Reels

Reels have revolutionized the world of Instagram. It has become the winning tool to connect with your audience and build community. Therefore,...
Address Digital Transformation

5 Steps to Address Digital Transformation

Steps to Address Digital Transformation it is mandatory for companies founded in an analogue world to survive in the current market.
New Payment

Artificial Intelligence New Payment that has just been Launched by OpenAI

2023 is on track to become the year of artificial intelligence. Open AI, the company behind the development of the popular chatbot...
Business Artificial Intelligence

Trends that will Revolutionise Business Artificial Intelligence in 2023

Beyond digitization and sustainability, changes that are inevitable for any company that wants to lead its sector in 2023, there is a...
Blocked You On WhatsApp

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication tools globally. So that its 2,000 million users feel as comfortable as possible...

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