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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft’s new Xbox app will allow streaming Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft is on to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that combines the expertise to stream Xbox One games to...

PUBG returns to India after ban with green blood & the new name Battlegrounds

TechCrunch transcribes massively famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile is returning to India after being banned in September 2020.
Netflix Games

Netflix Games are now Available Worldwide on Android to Subscribers

Netflix understands gaming as the future of entertainment. The company stated its interest in developing the gaming business ahead this year.
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Programming Languages: Android and iOS

One of the most profitable markets for programmers is mobile app stores. Whether looking for work in other companies or becoming freelance...
Why Apps are Important

How App’s are Important for Businesses or Companies

Mobile applications have become a necessary tool for any online business or physical company. People spend many hours a day glued to...

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