Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: The Pros and The Cons

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: The Pros and The Cons

With so many options in contact lenses that are available nowadays, making a choice often becomes difficult. Mainly if you are a first-time lens buyer, how do you decide which one to wear? 

You will find different types of contact lenses in the market. However, the easiest and probably the safest choice is to start wearing daily disposable contact lenses after consulting with your eye care specialist.

Daily disposables are single-use contact lenses that need to be removed and discarded at the end of each day. This way, you use a fresh pair of contact lenses every day. Daily disposable contact lenses have gained popularity amongst eye care practitioners and consumers alike for the many health and convenience benefits they offer. 

However, before you consider the many pros and the few cons of daily disposable contact lenses, don’t forget to keep these two things in mind:

  • Firstly, don’t confuse ‘daily wear’ contact lenses with ‘daily disposable contact lenses.’

As stated by the FDA, daily wear contact lenses need to be removed before you go to sleep as it is not approved for extended or overnight wear. In true senses, most of the Daily disposables are also prescribed as daily wear, which means you need to remove them before you sleep. If you have been using daily wear/ reusable contact lenses, you can opt for the following reusable disposable contact lenses modality, which depends from brand to brand:

▪ Daily

▪ Weekly

▪ Monthly 

▪ Quarterly 

In simpler terms, a replacement schedule and a wearing schedule are two different things.

  • Secondly, ‘disposables’ don’t always mean single-use contact lenses in the world of contact lenses. 

Some daily wear/reusable contact lenses are to be disposed of every two weeks and are known as bi-weekly disposable contact lenses. On the other hand, ‘Daily Disposable’ is a specific term used for contacts that require being removed and disposed of every day.

What Is the Need to Replace Your Contact Lenses?

Protein, calcium, and lipids naturally found in your tears can start to build upon the surface of contact lenses over time. Any such deposits can make your contact lenses feel less comfortable than new and cause infections. 

When you clean your contact lenses thoroughly, chances of infections are reduced, but, in some cases, improper lens cleaning and maintenance that may lead to deposit build-up can cause moderate to severe eye infections. Thus, if you use daily-wear/reusable contact lenses, you must diligently follow your eye care specialist’s instructions about contact lens wear, care, and maintenance to avoid any eye complications. 

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: Convenience and Safety

If following the care regimen required by a daily wear/reusable lens seems too much, daily disposable contact lenses are perfect for you. Maintenance-free contact lenses—daily disposables make for one of the most convenient and safest choices. 

Many eye care specialists recommend daily disposables contact lenses to their patients for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, daily disposable contact lenses require no cleaning, which makes them highly convenient to use. 
  • Secondly, daily disposable contact lenses are also safe to use as there isn’t any day-to-day protein and lipid accumulation or dirt deposits, which might create issues the next day and discard the lens after a single usage.
  • Thirdly, since daily disposables come in easy-to-carry blister packs, one can keep a few of them and easily travel without carrying a lens care solution.

How Much Do Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Cost?

Daily disposable contact lenses are pretty affordable, contrary to what many people think. Considering you don’t need to make any separate investments on lens care solutions, storage cases, or lens holders—daily disposables are reasonably priced.

Besides the increased safety and comfort that comes with wearing daily disposable contact lenses, you will not regret spending your money on them. So, consult with your eye care specialist to find more information about different options.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Vs. Reusable Contact Lenses

Even before introducing disposable contact lenses, well knew that it is a healthy practice to replace contact lenses regularly. Back in the day, discarding contact lenses frequently was a problem, as lenses used to be very expensive then. Thus, used a variety of lens cleaning solutions and devices used a combination of lens cleaning solutions and devices to extend the contact lenses’ life.

Leading contact lens companies have developed and engineered new manufacturing techniques to produce premium-quality lenses in higher volumes at an affordable cost. It is now much easier to replace lenses more often or to consider wearing daily disposable contact lenses.

Find the Best Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

If you decide to purchase daily disposable contact lenses, make sure you do so from reputable contact lens providers such as Bausch+Lomb, which offers an extensive range of contact lenses in different modalities. 

Explore Bausch+Lomb’s most popular daily disposable contact lenses, such as the Biotrue ONEday Daily that offers maximum comfort & maximum moisture among daily disposable contact lenses available in India. They provide a crisp and clear vision throughout the day while also providing UV protection and preventing lens-related dryness in the eyes. These daily disposable contact lenses are expertly engineered to enable high oxygen transmissibility so that you can maintain healthy eyes always. 

Another popular product, iConnect Daily Disposablesfrom Bausch+Lomb, designed in HydroGel material, is highly functional in ensuring comfort, visual acuity, and eye health. An ideal choice for first-time contact lens wearers, iConnect daily disposables are also very affordable. 

Consult your eye care specialist about switching to daily disposable contact lenses and discuss your options before making any decision. Daily disposables have many pros and fewer cons. So, don’t overthink, and consider buying a new pair of daily disposables today to enjoy clear vision!

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