Why is it Essential to Get Health Insurance Quotes Before Buying One?

Why is it Essential to Get Health Insurance Quotes Before Buying One?

Life goes on at a usual pace until we experience unforeseen events such as a medical emergency. Such situations can damage our life savings in the most unexpected way. Therefore, it is essential to buy health insurance, especially when we realize the rate at which healthcare costs in India are mounting.

If you have decided on getting a health policy online, the foremost thing you should do it to get online health insurance quotesfrom different insurers. Choosing a health cover is a decision that one should take after giving due thought to one’s medical needs and age, among other factors.

When it is about buying the best health insurance, comparing quotes is vital as it offers certain advantages to the buyer. We will discuss them below.

Helps You Make the Right Choice

Many leading health insurance companies provide policy buyers with the online facility to get a quote. A person looking to buy health insurance can access a company’s website and get a quote by furnishing relevant details. They would have to provide personal information such as age, medical history, gender, etc. Once they submit these details, they would receive the quotes that would give a clear picture, thus helping them choose a suitable policy.

The main advantage of getting quotes is to help individuals review and compare the various policy features and buy a policy based on their insurance needs. Nowadays, health insurers offer a variety of medical insurance plans to cater to the distinct needs of individuals and families.

For instance, there are disease-specific health plans which cover the expenses resulting from the medical treatment of specified diseases.

At the same time, following the guidelines by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), health insurers now offer the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, which a standard health insurance policy designed to take care of the primary healthcare needs of individuals. Moreover, the IRDAI has allowed the increase in the maximum limit of the sum insured under the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy.

Furthermore, one can customize a health policy by selecting the sum insured and policy tenure based on individual preferences. The option of customizing is a unique benefit available in health insurance policies, unlike a group mediclaim policy provided by employers.

Speaking about the features of various health insurance policies, the waiting period for pre-existing diseases would vary from one insurer to another. Similarly, the limit on specified medical treatments could also differ. Thus, comparing the policies becomes necessary to select the best product.

You Get a Policy at Affordable Premium

Getting online health insurance quotes and comparing them enables an individual to make the right assessment of the premium that is suitable for his or her budget. Through the help of online platforms and web aggregators, one would get comprehensive details, including the premium prices of different policies. This way, a person can opt for the most affordable health insurance policy. 

The results one finds online gives a fair idea of the policy features, all at one place, thus making comparison easy. Moreover, tools such as health insurance premium calculator help one to instantly get a precise estimate of the premium amount to be paid to the insurer, for availing of the policy benefits. The premium calculator is highly beneficial as it would equip a buyer with prior knowledge of the premium before he or she buys a medical insurance policy.


When comparing policies, it is crucial to consider several factors as the sum insured, presence of network hospitals, premium rates, policy inclusions, and exclusions, waiting period, co-payment clause, features like lifetime renewability, claim settlement ratio, etc. If you aim to minimize the financial burden, it is highly essential to choose a policy that not only offers you maximum coverage but is also affordable.

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