Facebook May Change their Name Soon Next Week: Reports

Facebook May Change their Name Soon Next Week: Reports

The social media company (Facebook) that’s been a huge part of our lives for the last decade or so might not be called Facebook anymore. The change may occur as soon as the following week.

The news arrives from The Verge, which cites a reference with direct knowledge of the subject. According to the report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will speak about the name change at Facebook’s Connect conference, scheduled for Oct. 28, but the decision could arrive earlier than that.

There are quite a few aspects about what the new name may be or whether it will be a total rebrand of Facebook, the service, or maybe a rebranding of the Organization. 

At the identical time, the product visits the identical (think Google’s Alphabet moment). According to the article, the name switch is confidential to all but some employees. 

It could have something to do with Facebook’s new focus on the metaverse and its VR service, Horizon. Also, there are some rumours that Facebook is planning to enter the smartwatch business

Facebook has all but captured the social media experience, and if the firm needs to develop, it has to view exceeding its current core features: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Given Zuckerberg’s centre on virtual and augmented reality in current years, he stated in July that Facebook “will effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily a social media company to being a metaverse company”.

The name change will possible have something to do with that. And given the volume of not undeserved bad press and lawsuits Facebook has seen in current years, the company might feel it’s an opportunity for a new start.

Some big news websites and news channels asked Facebook, and a spokesperson informed the company doesn’t comment on “rumour or speculation.”

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