MBA in Supply Chain Management: All you Need to Know

MBA in Supply Chain Management: All you Need to Know

In any business, the essential factor is the products or services which are being sold or bought. Supply chain refers to the movement of materials or services at all production, refinement, and selling levels. The efficient transportation and movement of goods and services through the careful and planned use of inventory, customer service, and warehouse is something that an MBA in supply chain management teaches us.

It is important to efficiently manage all the different processes at the different levels of the supply chain. The final output of any company depends on the precision with which each element in the supply chain is looked after. Colleges like Sage University and NIET make sure that one is on top with their craft of management.

What Constitutes an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chains are all around us, in different forms- from a simple household to a big multinational corporation, everything functions on a perfectly balanced supply chain to administer the various processes. It is essential for an organization’s growth and sustenance that the supply chain is delicately placed.

All the other business verticals like marketing, finance, operations, and IT break down if there is a failure in the supply chain. On the contrary, the emphasis on the furnishing of the supply chain is relatively less for the pivotal part it plays in the framework of a company. From inventory management and precision control to understanding the entire business picture, an MBA in supply chain management is the introductory course to understand and cultivate skills that touch these aspects of a business.

The transportation of information is the true spirit of managing a supply chain, and it involves the matter of inventory and supplies. Doing the course from top colleges like Sage University helps students gain valuable experience inefficient planning, executing, and managing affairs regarding goods & services and supply chains. The phenomenal success in the supply chain management field can be partly attributed to these institutions.

The Skills you can Gather

An MBA in supply chain management helps candidates gather many industry-relevant skills to propel their careers in the right direction at an incredible pace. It is essential that what we learn is eventually being used judiciously and excellently in any good course. Good colleges like IIMs and Sage University help students carve out ways into the corporate game. Some of the skills are as follows-

● Research methods for management

● Quality management and techniques

● Retail store and virtual merchandising

● Quantitative techniques for management

● Principles of management and behavior

● Logistics management

These tools are important for the overall working of this heavily dynamic field. Every little thing counts and amounts to the final product or service.

Job Opportunities after MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a pivotal part of any organization, be it big or small. The final product or service depends on how efficiently all the supply chain elements are being brought out. These roles have become more and more important as companies are becoming larger in the context of markets. Individuals pursuing the course can expect a lot of well-paid job offers. Colleges like Sage University and IIMs provide ample job opportunities in-

  1. Business Development manager
  2. Research officer
  3. Supply chain officer
  4. Supply chain manager
  5. Transportation manager
  6. Industry analyst

These jobs are well-paid and highly dynamic in terms of the quality of work. More than the salaries, these jobs are well-respected and highly lucrative with impacting and consistency and a high scope of growth and promotion.

Top Colleges to Look Out For

Top colleges provide a healthy balance for the students in all the spheres to do with supply chain management, increasing the scope of MBA in supply chain management and further creating internship and job opportunities that enhance a student’s career graph. The top 3 colleges for studying the course are:

  1. XLRI: The institute gives one of the top classroom experiences for its students. Their course structure is one of the best as it is constantly upgraded to match the market needs. The stress on innovative learning through the practical implementation of key concepts produces a space where talent grows into functional creativity.
  2. Sage University: Located in Indore, the university is known for its MBA in supply chain management course. It has one of the most prominent placement cells and places a significant emphasis on practicality further than just theory.
  3. UPES: Established in 2003, it is one of the famous colleges to study the program from. The foundation and on-campus facilities are astounding and provide an excellent atmosphere for students.

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