Facebook Post Sizes: Recommended Measurement Sizes [2023]

Facebook Post Sizes: Recommended Measurement Sizes [2023]

If you want your Facebook posts to be ideal, get a pen and paper (is anyone still doing this?) or open Notes on mobile because these are the recommended sizes and measurements for 2023.

If you got here, three reasons come to mind:

  1. You want to publish on Facebook and are unclear about the size you need.
  2. You are curious about the networks, and you want the latest update.
  3. You are going to write an entry or a guide, and you are looking for sources of information, welcome editor.

Whatever your case, we bring you a guide with the recommended size for your publications on Facebook (and something else): profile photo, cover photo, post, video, stories, etc.

If you use the correct size, the photos will have higher quality and make more sense; you know that sometimes the image cuts your coworker by the neck, and it looks a little weird. Well, we’ll avoid that. Knowing the recommended measures for Facebook, you will leave badly cropped photos behind, which is a bit of a boomer.

1. Facebook profile photo size

The profile photo on Facebook is the first impression, a small reflection of your personality in networks and all that, but if you have your private profile, guess where your future followers will gossip. We recommend that you give your potential stalkers a good profile picture to get a follow.

The size of the profile photo on Facebook is 170 x 170 pixels, although, on your phone, the photo will be 128 x 128 px. 

The content is as important as the size of the profile photo, this is very personal, and we do not get involved, but we recommend that if you are a company profile, you use your logo, and here, yes, the format is no longer JPEG to be PNG.

2. Facebook cover size

The Facebook cover size is 851 x 315 px, but we must remember a few things here. Remember that this is a relatively large image, so your photo may weigh more than usual.

Stop here: does it sound strange to you that a photo “weighs”? Don’t worry; the photographs need a memory to be displayed. The higher the resolution or size, the more memory and computer resources it consumes and, therefore, the slower the file will load.

Let’s continue; the ideal will be that your photo in JPG format weighs less than 100 KB, keep scrolling, and we will teach you how to reduce the weight of a photo quickly, simply, and concisely. What else do you want?

3. Facebook Events Cover Size

If you want to share an event on Facebook, remember that the size differs from the rest of the publications on the platform.

The size of the Facebook event cover is 1200 px x 628 px, that is, a 2:1 aspect ratio. Many of you here have doubts about the format to use; it depends. To what we were going, analyze the photo for your event; if it is simply an image, the logical thing to do is to use JPEG, but if it is a poster, you have text, logos, and graphic elements; you should opt for a PNG.

4. Facebook group cover size

The image size for a Facebook group cover photo is 1640px x 856px, a ratio of 1.91:1. We must take into account that the size when changing the device varies; there are about 96 pixels in the upper and lower area of ​​the image that can be cropped.

5. Facebook post size

We like that the size of Facebook posts adapts to two different measurements: 1200 px x 1200 px square and 1200 px x 630 px horizontal. The platform allows us to vary the height of the images, so finding the perfect image for your post will be easier.

Until now, we have not mentioned the color you should use on Facebook, so note: RGB so that the tones and quality of the colors are respected. Although Facebook can upload high-resolution images, we recommend exporting them in the correct weight from Photoshop; it’s very simple and will save you some trouble.

6. Size of images on Facebook with shared links

In the case of the size of the images in shared links, Facebook tells us that there is an ideal size and another that it will show, but in a reduced way:

  • With 1200 px x 630 px, you will be right for sure; it is the perfect size.
  • If your image measures less than 600px x 315px, Facebook will accept it but will show it in a very small size, so now that you know that, opt for the first size.

You don’t have to worry about adapting to devices; it will show the same on all of them. One last detail: your file weighs less than 8 MB, so your publication is super optimized.

7. Facebook ad size

We love this part. Is it because we make Facebook ads and know the measurements perfectly? Could be.

The size of the ads on Facebook is very important; keep in mind that users receive a lot of advertising information daily; therefore, if you want them to remember you and your activities to be effective, your ad must make the most of all resources. Among them is that your image has the correct measurements and that the information is within these on the canvas.

Here we are going to expand a little more, so be careful.

General recommendations

  • Although Facebook allows us to upload another file type, the ideal is a JPEG or PNG.
  • The aspect ratio that Meta likes the most is from 1.91:1 to 1:1, although they admit 4:5; this will give us a small problem that we will see now.
  • The images are generally 1600 px x 628 px.

A full-fledged

This was about image sizes, but since this image is usually accompanied by text…Here goes:

  • The main text does not exceed 125 characters, so it does not appear reduced.
  • The ad’s title and description are more of the same, 27 characters, so Facebook shows it in its entirety.
  • For ads with a link, the title of 25 characters, and the description of 30.

For ads with links

  • The small problem that the 1.91:1 to 4:5 ratio would bring comes here since it doesn’t work in ads with links. So we recommend that you use 1:1 for all your ads.
  • 1080px x 1080px resolution , although images smaller than 600px x 600px will appear very small.

Ads with panoramic or 360 photos

  • Panoramic or 360-degree images must not exceed 30,000 px.
  • The weight here is very important because they tend to exceed this aspect; Facebook allows up to 45 MB for JPEG and 60 MB for PNG; despite this, the ideal is that its weight is around 20-30 MB.

8. Video size on Facebook

The recommended video size dimension for posts is 1,080 px x 1080 px, and for stories, 1080 px x 1920 px. The aspect ratio is from 16:9 to 9:16, under a maximum of 10 GB; if your video weighs more, it will slow down the upload process and loading times.

Regarding the format, the ideal is an MP4 or MOV of a maximum of 240 minutes. To us, it seems more than enough, and taking into account the average attention time that the user has, you should reduce it a lot.

If you are in an editing program, some technical data

  • H.264 video format with AAC audio.
  • The frame rate at 30 fps or less.
  • Stereo sound with a 4.1 Hz sampling rate.

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