10 Most Frequent Computer Problems and How to Solve Them

10 Most Frequent Computer Problems and How to Solve Them

Most frequent computer problems and how to solve them. For many of you who are reading this, they are our/your way of life. We spend a large part of the day sitting in front of the screen, and although they are spectacular and highly durable tools, the passage of time and the lack of computer maintenance can cause problems. And surely, the problem occurs when you go to deliver that vitally important document or buy online.

We will learn about the most frequent problems our computer suffers and give clues on how to solve them. If you use your computer daily but don’t know its internal workings or components, we recommend contacting a professional before you can make serious mistakes. However, knowing at least what can happen to our computer and what has caused this problem is interesting.

Most frequent problems of your computer

Blue Screenshot

Yes, screenshot or. Because that superlative is proportional to the pain, we feel when we see the dreaded blue screen. This Microsoft error tells us that the device cannot recover from a system error. It is accompanied by an error code that can serve as a reference to know what has happened.

Slow running

It can be due to many factors, but it is most likely a lack of maintenance. When you enter the Task Manager, you can see the running programs and close the ones you don’t need. Deleting information that no longer serves you will also help improve the operation of the terminal. Defragmenting the drive can also help you improve speed.

Won’t turn on or off

Although it may be due to a boot problem, we seldom think that the power supply may also fail. Try connecting the device with a different cable or into a different socket. It may also be due to poor equipment ventilation, so the processor must be checked.

Programs that close themselves

If you notice that a program freezes or shows an error window, it may be due to spyware. As you must have an antivirus installed on your computer, you must resort to it to solve it. If the problem persists, the best option is to uninstall and reinstall the program.

Screen glitches

These types of faults are easy to recognize since we can visualize them. If we have broken screen glass, see dark spots, or have little or no lighting on the screen, we can try connecting the computer to an external monitor. If the images are clear, we can confirm that the problem is on the screen.

There’s no net

If your computer does not recognize the home wireless network, it may be due to several factors. Check if the router is working properly, and make sure the Wi-Fi LED is on. It may also happen that the network is not configured correctly through the Network and Sharing Center if the problem persists. 

The computer is very hot or makes a loud noise

The problem is in the fans. Excess dust, deterioration over the years, and the loss of the effect of thermal paste mean that its performance is less and less. Clean up, then. It is best to go to an expert to fix the problem (you can also open it up and carefully clean the dust off the fans with a compressed air spray, but we recommend it for someone without computer knowledge).

Excessive advertising

Our home page is changed, meaningless pop-up windows appear, and programs that we have not installed. well, yes, you have a virus or spyware. Eliminate everything unwanted and pass an antivirus that runs through every corner of your computer.

Graphics card and memory

People who use the computer daily to play video games or design and edit often complain about this problem. Low computer performance, difficult execution of tasks, etc. It’s because of the graphics card that tends to get outdated over time. Switch to the card with at least 8 GB of RAM dedicated to graphics.

My computer does not read CDs or DVDs

This option is becoming obsolete, and there are few computers created with an LC reader, but if your model still has this element and has stopped reading them, the lens is damaged. Options? Try cleaning this lens or buy a new reader. Another easier option is to update the drivers, in case that is where the problem lies.

There are more problems with our computers, but we have commented on the most common ones, and we hope we have helped you at least to have an idea of ​​what could happen to you.

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