Facebook drops Like button from Public Pages, new Rediseged layout

Facebook drops Like button from Public Pages, new Rediseged layout

Facebook has turned out the new layout for Facebook Pages. In the new design, the pages used by public figures, including artists, brands, politicians, would not feature the Like Button.

The Followers count will follow the Like button. Facebook rolled out the new design on Jan 6, 2020.

“We’re rolling out the redesigned Facebook Pages experience that performs it easier for public figures and creators to build community and achieve their business objectives,” Facebook stated in a blog.

Facebook Redesigned Layout

Asad Awan stated that Facebook is removing the Like button from the public pages to explain how people connect with their favorite Pages. “Followers of a Page describe the people who can receive updates from Pages, which assists give public figures a stronger hint of their fan base.”

Facebook has launched a redesigned layout with a dedicated news feed, easy navigation between a personal profile and pages, updated task-based admin dashboards, actionable insights, safety, and integrity features.

Facebook opens that the new page design will make it more comfortable for people to navigate between a personal profile and public figures in its blog.

The new design has been made more comfortable and more streamlined than before. However, the significant difference in the new design is the removal of the like button. Facebook said that it had removed the Like Button to focus on Followers as that would perform it easier for users to connect with their favorite pages.

To make Page conversations more apparent to a more extensive audience and surfaced more often in their followers’ News Feed, they will bump comments from public pages will bump comments from public figures to the top of the comments section. People will also be ready to follow Pages right from comments and recommendations posts,” the blog read.

Facebook also stated that it had improved its intelligence to detect illegal actions like hate speech, violent, sexual, or spammy content and impersonation on its platform.

To curb, this Facebook is increasing the visibility of a verified badge to make it easier to identify posts and comments from authentic Pages and profiles.

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