Google Hangouts Group Chats to Appear in Google Chat Soon

Google Hangouts Group Chats to Appear in Google Chat Soon

Google has begun moving Hangouts conversations, along with contacts and saved history. Google announced on Monday that it would start rolling a slew of updates from December 3.

The updates will be nearby group conversations on Hangouts. The latest update states that the group chats in Hangouts will now look on Google Chats.

“Starting in the first half of 2021, everyone can start upgrading from Hangouts to Chat. To assure a smooth transition, we will improve automatically migrate your Hangouts conversations and saved history. These changes further ensure compatibility between classic Hangouts and Chat to make migrating your users as seamless as possible,” Google workspace stated in the blog.

Google stated that it would advance three essential changes in the way group conversation happens in Google Chats. The first change, according to Google, is that the users will now be capable of adding and changing members of new group conversations. “If you have a Vault retention policy set, the updated group conversations will consider a different retention policy,” Google announced. Also, specified that the group conversations in Hangouts will start to appear in Google Chat over the coming weeks.

Google responded that users could start upgrading from Hangouts to Chat. To facilitate a smooth transition, Google will benefit users by migrating their data from Hangouts to Chats automatically.

Meanwhile, Google Chat has also introduced a host of new features. In group chats, users can add new members, and all members will see a message announcing the appearance of the unique number.

The new member will have a way to the previous conversations, primarily the messages that were exchanged before they entered the group. This will assist the user in getting familiar with the whole thing. These features will be rolling out form December 3.

Google also stated that it is creating changes to its Vault maintenance policies. “Note that these updated group conversations will also consider a different retention policy in Vault. If you set custom Chat retention rules in Google Vault, the scope of coverage will vary. Rules set for “All Chat Spaces” (previously known as “All Rooms”) will connect to existing chat rooms, plus updated group messages and group messages that synchronize between Chat and Hangouts. Visit the Help Center for more details,” the company stated in a blog.

Google will be rolling out the latest features to Hangouts and Chats in the following next weeks.

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