Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch, after being pulled in 2017

Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch, after being pulled in 2017

Google is performing well on its commitment from August to begin Google Maps back to the Apple Watch after pulling it back in 2017.

It’s ready now; its unique features involve implementing route views and step-by-step directions to and from pre-saved locations on your wristwatch.

Google Maps first displayed available for the Apple Watch in 2015, but it hasn’t been possible to download since 2017 when Google removed the app without revealing why.

As 9to5Google states, this new version doesn’t let you escape out a new location right from the Watch. For unplanned trips to areas not saved on your Watch, you’ll require to use your phone to begin the process; then you can continue with the navigation on the Apple Watch.

So it’s yet a relatively necessary experience, but it’s nice to hold for people who don’t want to be had with Apple Maps.

In the plan to install the latest app onto the Apple Watch, we first had to update the Google Maps app on the iPhone to the newest version 5.52.

Apple’s App Store. The watchOS app needs watchOS 5 or later, which excludes the original Apple Watch.

Google’s popular navigation is back on the Apple Watch, but other apps that mysteriously dropped Apple’s wearable platform, like the official Twitter and Amazon apps, still haven’t responded.

Twitter seems to have shifted its Apple Watch app from the App Store, as noted by MacRumors. Twitter’s latest update to version 7.8 was thought to fix a photo bug, but it performed its listing vanish from the App Store; the app’s landing page no longer references Watch support.

Users reportedly have felt the app crashing and having difficulty displaying the Twitter icon on the watch face after watchOS4 launched.

Amazon repeated the opinion. “There are plenty of reasons we don’t think this is the correct solution for our customers at this time,” a spokesperson told The Verge. “We are always seeking new things and look forward to exploring wearable solutions in the future.”

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