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A Ration Card is a government-issued document that allows the economically underserved members of Indian society. This particular document allows such people to secure the basic necessities of life such as cooking utensils, cooking gas and groceries at heavily subsidised rates. Millions of Indians use ration cards issued to them to ensure that there is clean and edible food on the table and the cooking gas which is crucial to preparing such meals is always in the cylinder. In addition to that, a ration card also acts as proof of identity and address. It can also be used for purposes such as applying for a domicile certificate or voter ID or any other similar credential issued by the central government.

You can apply for ration card online either through the online route or the offline. Either way, you will have to at least once visit the website of the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department of the state that you live in. Through that site, you will get to download the application form for your ration card which needs to be duly filled and then submit the same along with the required amount of documents with the officials at your nearest local Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department office. You can also use this site for checking your Ration Card application status or even download a soft copy of your ration card once it is issued. This article will take you through the other kinds of information that you can avail from those websites. Read on to know more.

How to Check Your Ration Card Application Status?

  • You can check the status of your ration card by visiting the official website of the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department of the state that you live in.
  • Under E-services on the website, generally, you will see the option of checking the status of your ration card application status.
  • Either you will be shown a list of names of those people who have applied for a ration card recently along with their status, or, you will need to enter your personal information and log in. After that, you will be able to check your ration card application status.

How to Download and Print your Ration Card Online?

Once your ration card application has been approved you can download the ration card and print it for future use. You can use your credentials to log in to the portal on the government website and check the status of your ration card application. Once it has been approved, you will find the option of downloading or printing the ration card. Remember that this document is as valid as a ration card and contains information that will be needed at the time of securing food items as subsidised rates.

A Ration card can help an individual secure all that they need and so much more, depending upon the type of card that they have been issued. If you would like to learn more about types of ration cards or understand the kind of benefits you can avail as a ration card holder, you can also visit ration card service centers or log on to aggregator portals and official website to learn more.

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