Tablet or E-Reader, Which is Better for Reading?

Tablet or E-Reader, Which is Better for Reading?

A few days ago, we commemorated World Book Day. We have always been committed to the benefits of reading at any age, and we did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about this topic on our blog. 

Although it is true that, in our opinion, no one beats the pleasure of devouring (metaphorically speaking) a good physical book, online reading is gaining more and more followers for its convenience. After all, you carry hundreds of books on the same device because you can download them free.

However, there are many ways to read a good book on an electronic device. The most common is the tablet and the e-reader. Today we will talk about it in our post Tablet or E-Reader; what is better to read?

Go for it! But first, let’s start at the beginning…

What is a tablet? What is an eReader?

A tablet or tablet is a portable electronic device more significant than a smartphone, with a touch screen that you interact with your fingers or a pen without needing a physical keyboard or mouse like on a computer. (Source: Wikipedia)

An electronic book reader or e-reader is an electronic device that reproduces the contents of electronic books (ebooks), with a reading quality similar to paper books, thanks to electronic ink technology. (Source: Wikipedia)

Tablet or E-Reader, which is better for reading?

Let’s see what each device offers us separately when enjoying digital books.


Tablets have an excellent resolution and backlit screen, so you can see the screen without the need for external light, which is a point in their favor when choosing a digital reading device. It is an exciting option if you like to read comics or magazines in color and if you only read occasionally.

Reading on a tablet is recommended for people with low vision and poor visual acuity or not for those who cannot read small print well, even when wearing glasses.

Disadvantages? Being a small computer (to call it that), other publications can interrupt your pleasant reading, such as notifications. On the other hand, a tablet’s battery lasts more minor than that of an e-reader, and its processor heats up more quickly. In addition, tablets do not use electronic ink, and the screen lighting is from the inside out. Instead of reading with a light, what we are doing is looking at a light.


Fans of reading choose this option because they claim the experience is quite similar to reading a book on paper. You get away from distractions such as social networks or purchases on the Internet and dedicate yourself only to what you want: reading. 

In addition, it is a very light device to take anywhere, and you can find a reasonably high-quality one for less than 150 euros (which will not happen with the tablet). In addition, it does not need a powerful processor or graphics card, so it can work perfectly at high temperatures without overheating.

eReaders use electronic ink screens, and the light comes through an external source that projects the light onto the screen evenly, thereby achieving optimal viewing quality. And there are no reflections.

The most significant disadvantages of reading on an E-Reader are that it can only use for reading and that the screen is black and white.

Tips for reading correctly both in ebooks and tablets

Below, we offer you some helpful advice for reading on digital devices and paper.

  1. Place the electronic device or book at about 30-40 cm.
  2. Rest your eyes every half hour, varying the focus.
  3. Locate the reading area next to a window to take advantage of natural light.
  4. Use an ambient light and a work light, coming from the left in the case of right-handers and from the right in left-handers, to avoid the formation of shadows that prevent or hinder vision.
  5. conclusion

Although each user must choose the option that suits their needs, we believe that the best chance to read digital books is an E-Reader mainly because it was created solely and exclusively for reading. Hence, all its functionalities and features are focused on improving the experience.

Next, we will recommend some quality e-readers so you can devour books whenever you want. These are our chosen ones:

Amazon Kindle: Amazon’s entry-level model makes up for the lack of a backlight with excellent battery life, flawless operation, and a state-of-the-art screen.

Sony Reader PRS-T2: Quality and compatibility with different formats.

So far, we can read. Now it’s your turn to enjoy reading. We hope you have already decided on which device to choose with our post Tablet or E-Reader.

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