How to Increase the Conversions of Your Business?

How to Increase the Conversions of Your Business?

There is a broad debate about the different strategies and actions aimed at increasing the sales of an online business. Indeed, the service or product must be well explained and generate particular interest in its target audience. In addition, you must attract quality web traffic to the page in question, SEO territory.

However, that is not enough. It is essential to have a web page specially designed and structured towards achieving conversions. The advantages derived from this configuration towards maximizing conversions can do even more for sale than the product or service itself. Along these lines, the CRO has a lot to say.

Do you want to know what the CRO is? Do you have an ecommerce and want to know how to increase the conversion rate? Keep reading!

The importance of CRO for your online business

If you have launched your business online and managed to attract some web traffic to the page, but it does not generate conversions, it is a sign that something is wrong. One of the main problems when starting to sell online lies in needing a website correctly configured to convert a more significant number of users. Here comes the concept of CRO and its strategies to increase conversions.

What is the CRO, and how can it help you increase sales?

The CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is defined as a set of strategies or actions aimed at optimizing specific components of the digital marketing plan to increase the conversion rate of an online business.

In general terms, the CRO aims to improve and increase the percentage of visitors to an online business that performs a desired action within it. We call this action “conversion,” and it can manifest itself in many different ways, depending on what we want to get from the users who visit us.

The most common types of conversions are:

  • Sending the form to request information
  • Registration or subscription
  • File downloads
  • Installation of apps or software
  • Generate a sale of a product or service
  • Get likes or followers

The ultimate goal of implementing a CRO strategy can be understood as follows. By improving conversions, an improvement in the economic results of the business is achieved. In this way, increasing the number of users who carry out a desired action on our website will obtain new leads and customers while increasing profitability.

 Analytics: The Cornerstone of CRO Improvement

The first step to carrying out a CRO strategy in your online business is none other than an initial in-depth analysis. This analysis must be qualitative, quantitative, internal, and external. In it, the so-called analysis of consumer behavior acquires particular importance. It is essential to know your customers, what they are looking for, and what interests them to compare it with what you offer in your online business.

More specifically, it is essential to discover how visitors behave on the web page, to study their purchasing process, which elements of the web they pay more attention to, which less, and what generates the most interest.

An exhaustive analysis of data and quantitative percentages of the page accompanies all this—number of sessions per day, traffic quality, bounce rate, etc.

Thus, web analytics constitutes the foundation for the CRO’s activity. In this way, a large part of the resources and time dedicated to optimizing the conversion rate of your online business must go toward the analysis exercise. This will give us quality information to adjust our landing pages accordingly.

CRO strategies to improve the conversion rate

The web analysis will lead to decisions about improving different web page elements. All this can make the difference between generating a conversion or not. Let’s see some of the most used.

Improve UX and UI Designs

To carry out a conversion, it is essential that the page where users land is clean and attractive. Excess text, poor content structure, or any confusing element may be to blame for a conversion not taking place.

To avoid this, it is essential to pay careful attention to the design of the landing page and, therefore, the user experience. We must generate a significant impact and strategically place the contents to be easy and comfortable to navigate. And remember to optimize it for mobile devices.

Boost web content

Remember what your business’s basis is; you have to enhance it. If your online business is aimed at selling a product or service, make sure that it is well explained and has quality. Creating content that increases the likelihood of a conversion completion is essential. This implies taking care of detail, keeping your RSS and blogs up to date, uploading functional and attractive images and videos, etc.

Use attractive CTAs

CTAs or calls to action fulfill the function of encouraging conversion. It is a “call” to the user who has landed on the landing page to perform an action that we consider desired immediately.

The idea is to vary and try different natures and ways of applying CTA on your website. At this point, an A/B test with different buttons, attractive text boxes, and other CTAs is instrumental in checking what converts the most and optimizing the strategy.

How to optimize a CRO strategy?

Undoubtedly, the importance of the CRO goes far beyond increasing the conversion rate. Instead, it is considered a key factor on the road to the success of your online business.

In this sense, web analytics is essential to obtain sufficient evidence and information about your page, traffic, and behavior. Only then can an action plan or CRO strategies be established that drive conversions and increase the profitability of your business.

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