How to Increase the WiFi Signal of My Computer?

How to Increase the WiFi Signal of My Computer?

Wifi networks have made our lives much more accessible and continue to do so today. That is why today we will see how to increase the wifi signal of my computer with a straightforward trick.

We will never tire of repeating that the speed you contract is the one that reaches your home (you can also check it with How to do a speed test of your fiber optics correctly ), but think about these situations: all family members connected to the network (television, mobile computers) and you get ready to work in your office. You need to get more signals to perform the task you want effectively. 

Although it can be due to many causes (the router is not in the right place, for example), it has a straightforward solution that you can find on your computer or laptop.

But this does not only happen at home. You may be in a public place, and the wifi signal speed differs from what you need. It is a common problem in universities or libraries.

And you don’t have to be an expert with computer knowledge to increase your wifi signal with this option.

However, before clarifying step by step how to do it, we want to make some observations:

It is not a magic formula. If you have yet to contract the speed you need, you will hardly be able to increase your computer’s wifi signal significantly. You will have to take other measures, such as buying an amplifier, an external antenna, or a mesh network.

This option is only found on some computers, although it is on most. In some cases, you can find the steps we will offer you below with slightly different names. The parameters indicated in this article may vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and software version.

It may consume the battery of your equipment sooner than expected. In short, it is logical: more power, more consumption. It’s an option that has yet to be proven for sure, but we better warn you so you keep it in mind.

How to increase the wifi signal of my computer?

Now yes, we will detail step by step how to increase the wifi signal on your computer.

In your Control Panel, you can access the configuration of the wifi adapter to modify the power with which it works. Access the Control Panel by clicking the start icon and typing in the search box “Control Panel.” Click on the System option to access the “Network and Sharing Center.”

Now you will have to click on “Change adapter settings, “and a new window will open in which both our wifi adapter and the network card appear.

Now click on the wifi adapter and press Properties in the new window. You will find the Configure option and, under it, again, Properties.

You must click on Transmission power from the list of options that it offers you, and a drop-down will open with different values. We must mark the maximum discount available. We close and accept until we return to the wifi adapter box.

We have done nothing more than increase the power with which the wifi adapter of our equipment works. We hope this option has helped you and you notice that your computer flies as you deserve.

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