Konosuba Movie || Watch Konosuba a Japanese Animated Movie

Konosuba Movie || Watch Konosuba a Japanese Animated Movie

Konosuba Movie is a Japanese animated fantasy-comedy movie based on the light novel Let’s Go. Konosuba Movie was released on August 30, 2019, in Japan.

As there are many fans of animated comedy films, that’s the reason Crunchyroll acquired the claims to release the Konosuba film in select regions outside of Japan, and choose theatre shows were held in October and November 2019.

After acquiring the rights of this movie, Crunchyroll released the subtitled version of the film on its website on March 25th, 2020. As per some sources, it came to know that Konosuba Movie maybe releases in the dubbing version soon.

This Konosuba Movie is about different characters in the film; its all start with a party and adventure friendly life.

The voice of these anime characters is done by many different artists they are famous for this voice-over.

Konosuba Movie Characters

The main character of this movie is Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, Yunyun, Wiz, Vanir, Chomusuke, Komekko, Hyoizaburoo, Yuiyui, Arue, Funifura, Dodonko, Bukkororii, Soketto and not only this there are many more characters are there.

For the Konosuba film series, the IMDB rating is 7.9/10.

Some Reviews of Viewers

Saw it on the 12th of No Nut November in the USA where it seems I almost failed the challenge, because what the heck everything was freakin amazing. The story and animation stay faithful to the anime and even go further in some parts. It had a lot of hilarious moments, but it had some severe features as well. More character development, I hope Megumin prepares a bombshell that hits us when Season 3 drops.

Would Recommend
Rating 9.5/10

I watched this movie when it premiered in the US with some friends, and it was a fantastic time. The comedy of the film left the theatre filled with laughter, and the magic was so well animated that I felt tingly from my body down.

Despite focusing mainly on comedy, the movie also had its serious moments regarding the characters and their relationship with others. It did so in a way where the sudden shift in tone didn’t create an awkward situation. The one major flaw this movie has was that it was released in the US during November so, by the time the credits rolled, I realized that I had to wait another year to complete the challenge.

It was freaking hilarious. Great movie. A little bit corny to the point of slight cringe toward the end; buts it’s an anime movie, so that is to be expected. Best comedy movie I’ve seen in a year. I pitty the konosuba fans who didn’t see it because it’s that good.

It was also a nice little slap in the face to the pretentious “Woke” culture, but I won’t spoil why. It’s not transphobic, or any phobic at all, and only an idiot could misinterpret it as such, but I’m sure some will interpret it as such. Five stars, I wish it was playing against, so I could watch it again. It was a two-hour movie that felt like 20 minutes. That’s how funny it was I can’t imagine anyone giving this movie a bad review. Warning, I broke a rib from laughing too much. It is that funny

The movie was almost perfectly blended with comedy, action, and of course, explosions. Most of the movie was filled with fantastic comedy, including some jokes that referenced moments from the TV show. The explosions were perhaps the best-animated explosions I’ve seen from the entire series. Specifically, the last two explosions.

The heartwarming ending had me leaving the theatre with a goofy grin on my face. For once, this is one of the only movies I’ve watched that I want to watch it again.

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