Latest Online Gambling Trends Of 2022

Latest Online Gambling Trends Of 2022

Working out which trends are authentic is difficult. While their potential is absolute, the real image is much more subtle. It’s usually thought that trends need to be amusing, creative, or high-tech, many innovations overlook the trends that are more common and actually matter. Secure gambling may not sound as exhilarating as crypto, but it’s definitely more appropriate and encouraging.

To evaluate which online gambling trends could actually hold up in 2022 and work out which truly matters for online casinos, a webinar was hosted with two professionals from the industry. Below mentioned are some of their viewpoints alongside their own observations from years of functioning with the world’s largest gambling corporations.

1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, and Dogecoin have the possibility to supplement classic currencies and even potentially substitute them in certain instances. However, online operators should keep a few things in mind before suggesting cryptocurrency expenses to clients.

A core guarantee of cryptocurrencies is obscurity i.e. crypto trades are untraceable (or at least very tough to trace), making them standard for users desiring to stay secreted online. While this conveys a step toward more significant data protection, it is a step in the incorrect direction for online gambling. 

Know your customer (KYC) commitments mean that online casinos and sportsbooks are needed to collect specific data about customers both to rescue them and prevent corruption. 

Even though cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly widespread, they still need to evolve and become completely mainstream. As things stand, it is not economically feasible for online casinos and gambling stores to add cryptocurrency payment techniques to their apps. This suggests that gambling operators do not need to bother about how to tolerate the anonymity issue proper to cryptocurrencies just yet.

2. Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)

5-10 years back, most users were satisfied that mobile gambling even prevailed. Since then, expectations from the gaming industry have increased enormously, as has the quality of casino apps.

Facebook/Meta’s statement of the innovation of Metaverse caused VR/AR additionally in the limelight and resumes to drive greater immersion in games. Few casinos, like PokerStars Sport, already suggest VR products. Numerous elements proposed by VR, such as motion imitation, 3D avatars, and live interactions, suggest that the digital poker experience is much more similar to the real-life experience now.

However, the border to entry for VR/AR is high, as customers need access to costly headsets if they want to experience these features. Due to this logic, VR/AR continues to be a slowly blazing online gambling trend.

3. Betting in India

Could 2022 be the year that online gambling acquires ground in India? Many of the countries are legalizing betting, making a more extensive market for operators.

Up until recently, fiction games have served as a stand-in for gambling in India, delivering Indians a more peaceful way to gamble. But these days there are many betting websites in India. The competition amongst the websites is exceedingly high due to new startups every day.

4. Wearables

Smartwatches are gaining a lot of popularity, whether it be fitness goals, messaging, or gaming. They are emerging as one of the most popular gadgets in today’s market. It’s not at all unexpected that this new type of gadget is witnessing high demands in the gambling industry.

The benefits are quite evident. Wearables are placed in closer proximity of the body than a smartphone, due to which a smartwatch is more noticed by the user, which then implies that they will probably play games on an impulse (like whilst standing in a line). 

The structure of these wearables also makes the gaming experience better and more comfortable than on mobile, as players are not distracted by the various buttons or advertisements, they just need an area to focus on the game itself.

Gambling apps on smartwatches are a huge development. Users can easily access online casinos and gambling sites on desktop or mobile, which are synced with their smartwatches. 

With so many OS competitors in the market, it becomes really difficult for the manufacturers to create something unique every time.  Even separate designs do not have much difference from the others. Some have round screens, others are angular or a hybrid of automated and digital exhibit features.

5. Social gambling

Gamblers love to talk about their bets with their buddies and business partners. This has led to a concept that includes shifting these discussions to an online forum.

Social betting has witnessed a huge success across various markets and has taken over the other steaming issues. Before spreading into other new markets, it is suggested to the online betting operators to conduct a proper survey in order to understand the local needs as well.

6. Micro betting

Betting is considered to be all about significant developments. This form of betting is moving towards becoming unwanted and outdated, leaving the market for micro gambles, which include small tasks like the player to achieve the next goal, taking the following corner, or getting the red flag that follows.

Due to the number of micro bets taking place in any one game, it is difficult to register all results in a manual manner. Due to this, AI is being used to place online bets determine results, and circulate marks. This results in micro bets being very expensive. 

7. Esports betting

Gambling on esports is a kind of a turnaround, as they permit new data-driven client experiences, more precise betting, and greater possibilities for in-game betting. A new study has been published which includes the possibilities delivered by esports betting for gamblers.

While esports betting grew significantly this year, it is pretty uncertain whether esports betting will increase in 2022. Betting on online competitions such as FIFA may have been widespread during the pandemic, but labels like DOTA 2 did not witness the same. This indicates that esports betting was just an alternate choice for actual sports betting during the lockdown.

An internal investigation indicates that gamblers are less satisfied with esports betting, as they are doubtful about the authenticity of games run on computer systems. Users can be assured of the genuineness and advantages of esports betting over standard sports betting, by making the players realize the multiple corruption humiliations encountered by the traditional sports in the past.


Attracting players from all over the world is the main motive of online betting websites. To do so, the above-mentioned trends need to be updated from time to time, as per the user’s needs. Assessing the trends, we can estimate that more and more players shall be drawn towards them.

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