SCUF Envision Controller is Better than the Xbox One for Playing

SCUF Envision Controller is Better than the Xbox One for Playing

We all know that the Xbox controller is one of the best on the market, although its price is worth it; however, today, SCUF Gaming wanted us to stop using this peripheral on our PC, and to do so, it has presented us with one that it wants to surpass, in everything, to the console. The SCUF Envision Controller is a new project from this company that shows us a fully equipped command with thousands of possibilities. By seeing its image, we can understand ​​what it offers us.

The New SCUF Envision Gaming Controller

As we can see in the images, its design has a very similar touch to that of the Xbox. However, we already see apparent differences, especially in ports and connections.

This SCUF Envision Controller has 11 additional remappable inputs compared to most controls, with which we can control even the smallest detail.

The controller also has two side action buttons (SAX) that unlock new possibilities in gaming configurations, along with four integrated rear paddles to perform actions more quickly. You can change weapons, perform an attack or do any activity that the game requires just by pressing a button; it is fully customizable. You can also start an application, mute your microphone or even begin a transmission without lifting your hands from the controller just by pressing buttons; it is straightforward and comfortable.

The instant triggers are also adjustable, allowing us to switch to mouse-type clicks, especially for certain FPS games.

Furthermore, its manufacturing was carried out thinking about the speed of wireless connection with our computers, offering us the lowest possible latency and response time so that we do not lose even a thousandth of a second that could be key in a game.

This company has many years of experience, and without trying it, we can assure you that it will be a great controller; you just have to see it. Although for me personally, I even have too many buttons.

SCUF Envision Controller also integrates perfectly with the Corsair iCUE software, allowing us to customize all the joysticks. and buttons to the RGB lights, thus synchronizing everything to be as gamer as possible.

Compatible with Windows 10 and later, this controller has a starting price of 149.99 euros (13,122.78 INR) in its most basic version and 199.99 euros (17,493.33 INR) in the most pro version. You can see all its details and purchase it on its official website. If you are from the US, it will be much cheaper.

It can be a high cost, especially compared to the competition. An original Xbox controller costs about 70 euros (6,124.37 INR), so the difference is essential. It’s time to assess whether you would use it and how long you think it would last. Suppose you are one of those who play very often and for many hours. In that case, it will likely be a good investment because you will improve your playability. If you are only one of those who, from time to time, play a few games, consider another one.

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