Microsoft’s new Xbox app will allow streaming Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft’s new Xbox app will allow streaming Xbox One games to iPhone

Microsoft is on to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that combines the expertise to stream Xbox One games to an iPhone.

A new Xbox app will come in the App Store soon that adds a remote play feature, which lets Xbox One console users stream their games to an iPhone.

Remote play is different from Microsoft’s xCloud service, which streams games directly from servers rather than your own Xbox One console.

This Xbox remote play point will only connect to your Xbox console, not to xCloud. It’s related to Sony’s own PS4 Remote Play feature that’s also available on iOS and Android.

You will be ready to obtain an Xbox console over Wi-Fi, or even an LTE or 5G connection, too. As this app gets control of your home Xbox, you can remotely begin your console outside of your home.

The Xbox will start up without a sound or the Xbox light at the front, and when you disconnect, it moves back into standby after a short period of inactivity.

A new Xbox app came on Android recently, and this updated iPhone version adds the same contemporary design and new features.

You can instantly download or share game clips and screenshots captured on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S console, and you can even control console space and delete games.

This latest Xbox app is also much more durable than the earlier iOS version, and it has been completely renewed to match related design changes being made across Xbox.

It’s all in development for the launch of the Xbox Series X / S consoles in November, and Microsoft is also updating its Xbox dashboard with unique design modifications.

Microsoft’s updated Xbox app doesn’t become the xCloud situation, though. Apple continued an olive branch to provide services like Stadia and xCloud recently. Still, it added a big catch that would mean Microsoft would have to personally submit hundreds of games as separate apps using its streaming tech. Apple’s current rules didn’t amuse Microsoft.

Microsoft is currently examining this Xbox app with TestFlight members, suggesting it should be available frequently in the App Store soon for everyone to download.

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