Telegram Group video calls will be launch in May 2021: Pavel Durov

Telegram Group video calls will be launch in May 2021: Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov: CEO of Telegram announced that the iOS version of Telegram would be updated to support video calls on telegram groups in May (via Yahoo Finance). 

Telegram Group video calls

Telegram prepared to add the video call feature to its Telegram messaging platform in 2020, but the feature never developed. 

Telegram did, at most limited, secure it into the new year with one video call addition: attached end-to-end encrypted one-on-one video calls in August 2020.

Shared Durov’s report of the new launch date shared Durov’s report of the new launch date generally in his Telegram channel. He pens that group video calls will have.

“Screen sharing, encryption, noise-cancelling, desktop and tablet help, everything you can assume from a modern video conferencing tool, but with Telegram-level UI, speed and encryption”.

Telegram previously allows end-to-end encryption on its one-on-one video calling, but the organization hasn’t explicitly approved the feature here. It confirms that it intends to offer the same on group video calls when they begin in May.

Telegram has increased significantly over the covid-19 pandemic, using the influence of the turn to working from home and the common wish to stay associated securely. 

The organization declared it reached 400 million monthly active users in April 2020, up from 200 million in 2018. 

Some of that has to do with its rival, WhatsApp, bungling how it announced its new privacy policy to customers, which caused some users to transmit the Facebook-owned app(WhatsApp) for Telegram and Signal(Messaging App).

After the issue with WhatsApp privacy policy, many users shifted from WhatsApp to Telegram because telegram state that they don’t have any privacy policy that will steal users’ data. 

At the same time, another messaging App launched that is Signal. Also, many shifted to Signal App; even Elon Musk tweeted about Signal Messaging App

Notwithstanding looking a bit less agile, WhatsApp beat Telegram to allowing end-to-end encrypted group video calls. The organization attached a group video and voice calling in 2018.

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