The Best Apps to Read Books Online On Mobile

The Best Apps to Read Books Online On Mobile

Summer is an excellent time to enjoy a good book. Moreover, although this humble editor believes that there is no better way to do it than with one on paper (touch and smell complete the reading experience), reading books on mobile is very comfortable. You can take advantage of any moment to delve into what you are reading. 

In addition, some of its advantages are the resolution of the screens and the backlight that avoids the dependence on lamps at night, the resistance to splashes and dust, and the easy access to a large number of books.

That is why today, on the blog, we bring you the best apps to read books on mobile. You can personalize your reading and enjoy a pleasant moment wherever you are, saving much space in your library!

The Best Apps to Read Books on Mobile


It has more than 10 million books from well-known authors and new writers. You can save books in your library to read offline and adjust the font size to your needs. You can even share your own stories! It is available for both iOS and Android.


An Android app that has an extensive and varied free library. It has old titles but also recently published titles are included.


One of the classic iOS apps. It has some quite interesting options to have our library always at hand. It is free, and although it does not have as many options as others, it is worth trying.

Google PlayBooks

Our favorite search engine (of course) also has an exclusive app to read on your mobile, and we recognize that it is complete. It supports any format, and you can buy the books you want from its huge catalog (many free).


Another free app that allows all formats. In addition, it does not contain ads or impose internal purchases, allowing you to read books without ads and the need for an Internet connection. Interesting!


It allows you to read digital books and audiobooks from your mobile without leaving your home from more than 30,000 libraries worldwide. However, you need a valid account from any library, school, or institution participating in the project. It is time to stop by your nearest library to enjoy this app!


One of the oldest options on the list, easy to use and with support for books in EPUB format, PDF, Adobe DRM-protected eBooks, and books on loan from libraries. It is available for Android in two versions: free and paid.

Bluefire Reader

This app works like a charm if you want to read pdfs on iOS. Possibly the best e-book reader that uses the Adobe standard. In addition, it is a free application with many customization and text search options.

The Whole Book

It is a streaming library for the dissemination of non-profit works. Free, without ads, with more than 50,000 titles (music, art, audiobooks, multiple dictionaries, languages, etc.).

Moon + Reader

A complete reading app in which you can customize the font, size, or color of the letter to make reading more comfortable. It is compatible with the vast majority of ebook formats available to read from the mobile in a very comfortable way. Of course, it is only available for Android.

Recommendations for Reading on your Smartphone

Reading on the mobile phone has many advantages, as we have seen, but it also has a drawback: spending a long time next to the screen can tire your eyes. That is why we offer you below some recommendations to reduce the impact on your vision of reading with a mobile phone. They are the following:

  1. Choose the app you are going to use well. Among those we have mentioned before, many are customizable to facilitate reading.
  2. Adjust the text to a sizable size that you can read without straining your eyes (you do not want it too big, either).
  3. Try to avoid reading in sunlight. If sunlight hits the screen directly, reading will be very uncomfortable. If it hits you directly, it will hurt your eyes.
  4. Deactivate the automatic brightness and control it manually, so you can see the content without straining your eyes but without your eyes being affected by excess light.
  5. Check your screen settings, as you will surely find interesting options to establish a screen configuration suitable for reading.
  6. Even if you do not need them, wear blue light-reducing glasses (if you can). They make the glare reflected from the screens not have such a negative impact on the view.

Now that you have the best apps to read books on your mobile, you have no excuse to find the time to have fun with a good book.

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