The Significance of Registering your Trade or Brand Name

The Significance of Registering your Trade or Brand Name

A trademark is a title that grants the exclusive right to use a sign to identify a product or service in the market; a business name is the same thing but as an identifier of a company. 

It is found within the so-called ” distinctive signs “, and the words or combinations of words, images, figures, symbols, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional shapes (wrapping, packaging, product shapes or their representation ) of a name or a logo.

The trademark registration is carried out through the electronic headquarters in every country you have trademark registration portals and direct office. 

This body has existed since the 19th century, founded under the name of the Royal Conservatory of Arts and Crafts; over time, it has expanded the protection of different registers since the first patents and industrial trademarks. 

The information related to the granting, modification, opposition and refusal of trademark registration has been published in the BOPI every fortnight since 1886.

As the years have gone by, registration applications have been increasing due to the importance and guarantee. Specifically and to have concrete figures, in 2019, there were 50,693 applications for trademark registration, while in 2020, a pandemic in between, they increased by 0.8%, reaching 51,120 applications.

The Importance of Registering your Brand or Trade Name

In this globalized world, the advantages of registering a trademark are clear:

  • You prevent your brand from being used by a third party that could damage your image.
  • You prevent trademarks identical to yours from being registered that could confuse your customers.
  • You generate value in the market and trust in your potential collaborators and clients.
  • You can franchise the brand and exploit it differently.
  • If you reach an agreement, the license to use your brand can generate indirect income.
  • Registering your brand or trade name in Europe allows you to protect your identity in the EU.

Registering a trademark is not complicated, but it is a long process that lasts several months. You have to be aware of the communications made by the trademark office and each one of the steps of the process. 

During this process, if the SPTO requires a correction or if an opposition appears from the registration of the trademark or trade name, you need to act as soon as possible and with specific responses within the legally established deadlines.

To do this, it is best to resort to the services of a trademark lawyer who will guide you through the process and take care of carrying out all the procedures in the most appropriate way. 

On the Internet, you can find many companies to register trademarks.

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