What is Direct Invoice and Various Billing Apps

What is Direct Invoice and Various Billing Apps

Invoice Direct is a website that allows companies to carry out all kinds of billing, accounting and tax procedures. Within billing, it allows you to make invoices, control expenses, prepare budgets and make delivery notes, for example. In the case of accounting, it generates it automatically. 

Finally, in the case of taxes, it allows you to generate tax models from your online page without the need to carry out any calculations. On the other hand, it offers an advisor’s service, so if financial help is required, the page itself offers one. 

Also included is importing all customers and vendors to achieve a single contact base. In turn, the integrated control panel allows you to have all the reports, balances, and graphs at a glance. 

All the data is at your fingertips because it is available at any time in the cloud. Security, meanwhile, is guaranteed. 

Billing Apps 

These are some billing Apps: 

  • Contasimple: It is an invoicing application that allows you to know the status of the business, create invoices, download in PDF format, claim invoices, keep the treasury up to date, and use the native system to share your invoices, for example. 
  • Autonomous Advisor: This application offers an advisory service via mobile. In addition, the invoices are accumulated in the cloud. 
  • Autonomous Lite: It is an app to control income and expenses simply. In addition, it allows you to prepare quarterly and annual reports and the possibility of sending them by e-mail. 

What is Abaq Launch?

Abaq is an agency for freelancers online. Taking a photograph of the invoices and tickets will be enough to prepare and present the taxes and have all the information about your business at a glance. These are some of the benefits it offers: 

  1. Allows you to control profits 
  2. You can view the income in detail 
  3. It helps to have controlled expenses 
  4. Offers the option of forecasting taxes 
  5. Allows access to all documents instantly 

Other online billing software Here is some of the preferred online billing software: 

  • Ofipro: A billing and accounting program in the cloud that adapts to the different needs of small and medium-sized companies, which can be accessed from mobile devices and also from the Windows desktop. 
  • Sage One: Basic online accounting and billing program, designed for freelancers and SMEs, which includes online accounting for intuitive management. Aimed at streamlining administrative tasks, it allows you to transfer invoices and other information directly to the agency. 
  • Mgest Online: Online invoicing program with a friendly interface, simple and modular design to add it to other accounting modules. Freelancers can use Mgest LITE, its free version. 
  • Factusol: With this online billing application, it is easy to generate invoices receipts, control purchases and sales, stock and generate reports or send the information to your manager. 
  • Cloud Management: The most practical solution for managing invoices for companies. The main benefit it provides is that it allows you to manage time and productivity. It stands out for its simplicity while being complete in its options, while it is constantly improving proactively because the digital world is changing very quickly. 
  • Blueindic: It is an online invoicing program for freelancers and companies that is very simple to use, as well as influential in terms of its features: Sending budgets, making sales invoices, monitoring collections, registering periodic expenses, managing the treasury and facility for the calculation of taxes. 

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