Top 5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence Which We Notice Daily

Top 5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence Which We Notice Daily

The cases of artificial intelligence around us are more common than we think. Discover how you interact in your day to day with AI almost without realizing it.

Artificial intelligence is a field of technology dedicated to studying and creating programs and mechanisms that we consider intelligent. In simpler words, artificial intelligence develops machines that think like humans and can execute actions driven by reasoning as similar as ours. 

Described theoretically, it may seem like an invention of the future that has nothing to do with us. Nothing could be further from the truth; artificial intelligence solutions surround us in our home and outside of it. 

Discover the examples of artificial intelligence in the home that you probably also use, and become aware of how intelligence in your home solves your problems saves you time, effort and worries. What if you depend on your smart home, and you still don’t know it? Find out if so:

Artificial Intelligence in your Day Today Life

1. Mobile Phone (Smartphones)

Smartphones are probably the clearest example of artificial intelligence in our lives. The newest mobiles have the possibility of recognizing the background in which you take the photo and adjust the shot based on it. 

Facial recognition (which is applied when you use face filters, for example), voice assistants, recommendations based on previous searches and many more actions that we have become accustomed to are made possible by AI.

2. Voice Assistant

Precisely, voice assistants are one of the emblems of artificial intelligence for homes. Siri, Alexa, Ok Google… they are linked to a smart speaker that listens to you when you speak to it and responds consistently. 24% of homes in the United States already have this device style. 

Who could have imagined a few years ago that a program would remind you of the shopping list, play your favourite music or tell you which is the capital of South Africa just with a voice command? Well, now it is possible.

3. House Temperature

Houses with artificial intelligence often contain an air conditioning system, which detects through different data (the level of humidity in the house, when the sun rises, how the home is located) the time and even the exact temperature at which to turn on the heating. And they do it on their own, without you being aware of programming it. So we can adjust the environment of our house and avoid wasting energy. 

4. Music Streaming

Do you use any music streaming platform? Spotify or iTunes are the most common. All of them are dedicated to using artificial intelligence to recommend content. 

They identify your music preferences based on what you’ve played so far and offer similar songs based on style or length. The same thing happens on the audiovisual level: Netflix’s AI makes your interface show you series and movies in a personalized way that you probably like because you’ve enjoyed similar pieces before. 

5. Automation Home Functionality

The automation of functions in our home is an evolution of the AI ​​in which we already live. From entering the door and turning on the light in the hall, the coffee maker making us a coffee every day at the same time or the blinds going up and down on their own as they detect the sun’s rays. 

If your home still does not have these comforts, nothing happens, but it is a trend that is increasing and that in a few years, it will reach the majority of homes.

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The future is here, and it’s time to upgrade! With Soffie, it will be much easier for you.

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