Trends and Opportunities for eCommerce Sector in 2024

Trends and Opportunities for eCommerce Sector in 2024

The eCommerce sector has been driven by several factors, such as the consolidation of eCommerce as a common purchasing option for consumers, the increase in the use of mobile devices for online purchases and the expansion of eCommerce to new sectors.

But what will happen in 2024? We don’t have a crystal ball, but what we do have, and we find it much more valuable, is the opinion of professionals in the sector. Let’s look at their thoughts about the opportunities and challenges facing the e-commerce sector 2024.

These are the 8 trends that we believe will mark 2024 in the digital sector :

RevOps and Profitability:

  • Emphasis on efficiency and profitability due to fewer resources and greater competition. Don’t tell me how much you bill; tell me how much you earn and how profitable you are.
  • RevOps: One of the clear improvement points in any organization is integrating the marketing, customer service and sales teams into the same strategy.

AI Growth:

  • Massive use of artificial intelligence in marketing in 2024.
  • Leading companies like NVIDIA, Google and Amazon will promote technologies like ChatGPT.

New Advertising and TikTok Offers:

  • Platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, TikTok and Disney will bet on self-service advertising.
  • TikTok may experience a definitive takeoff in 2024.

First Party Data:

  • Advertising strategies based on cookies will disappear, giving rise to first-party data.
  • Investments in subscription and lead capture systems will be essential.

Hypersegmentation and Automation:

  • Advanced personalization and hyper-segmentation will be crucial.
  • The automation of advertising tools and AI will enhance these strategies.

Mailing, Chatbots and Whatsapp:

  • Direct communication channels will be essential.
  • Tools like Connectif and Spoki will gain relevance.

Investment in Video Advertising:

  • Continued growth in video advertising is expected due to its significant impact.
  • The algorithms of platforms such as Meta, Google and TikTok will favour video advertising.

Websites with Avatars and Augmented Reality:

  • Growth of virtual and augmented reality.
  • Opportunities to create immersive experiences with avatars and augmented reality applications.

Social commerce is a trend that is growing rapidly. Social networks have become an important sales channel for brands, which can be used to connect with their users, promote their products, and make sales.

Businesses that want to be competitive in 2024 must focus on sustainability, personalization and social commerce. These trends are changing how consumers shop online, and businesses that adapt to them avoid being left behind.

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