Twitter disabled the ability to tweets after the popular accounts hacked

Twitter disabled the ability to tweets after the popular accounts hacked

Twitter ultimately disabled the ability for several accounts to send new tweets following a massive hack on the social media website on Wednesday afternoon, which has seen many accessible reports including Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and others, tweet out a bitcoin scam.

As of 8:32 PM ET, the ban seemed to have been lifted, and Twitter announced at 8:41 PM ET that “most accounts should be ready to tweet again.”

While Twitter didn’t verify how the block went, it seemed to only apply to accounts that have been verified by Twitter. Unverified accounts were yet able to tweet usually, and verified accounts appeared to be able to retweet being tweets.

A 6:18 PM ET tweet from Twitter verifying that some users may be incapable of tweeting also remarked that password resets might be disabled while Twitter works to correct the situation.

Twitter said an hour later that it was continuing to limit tweets, password resets, and “and some other account functionalities.” Some Verge staffers were automatically logged out of their accounts after Twitter began limiting tweets.

Twitter’s verification system provides a blue checkmark to let users understand that an “account of public interest is genuine.”

Verification status is used by the company to mean that accounts belonging to brands, politicians, and other public figures are real.

The verification process has been subjected to an excess of controversy over the years, and Twitter has put the verification request system on hold since 2017 (with allowances made for political candidates for the 2020 election cycle and public health officials in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic).

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