WhatsApp to add extra colors to a dark theme, on web Voice and video calls are allowed

WhatsApp to add extra colors to a dark theme, on web Voice and video calls are allowed

WhatsApp is operating on a host of new features, and now we discover that the Facebook-owned messaging app is likely to add colors to WhatsApp Dark Theme and allow calling on WhatsApp web. Earlier, the reports suggested that the company will soon release the multi-device support for beta users, and it is also examining a few features, including a Search by date message, redesigned storage, etc.

As per the latest reports by WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is likely to add new colors to the Dark theme and would permit users to make video and voice calls through the WhatsApp web.

It was earlier being stated that WhatsApp is working on performing Dark Theme for its web and desktop users. Now the Facebook-owned messaging app might add different colors to the dark theme.

“Today, thanks to the 2.2025.5 update, we have found that WhatsApp is working on a different Dark Theme using alternative dark colors (they are doing the identical for the dark iOS bubbles),” the WAbetainfo report read.

As per the screenshots, the grey, bright yellow and green colors are evident. Once the feature is fixed, users can allow the feature on WhatsApp settings using WhatsApp Settings > Theme. The feature is still beneath development, and it will be possible in the future for iOS, Android, and WhatsApp Web in the future.

Apart from this, the WAbetainfo also informed us that WhatsApp is working on completing Voice and Video calls in the WhatsApp Web. The feature is accessible on the Android and iOS apps.

The company is also proposing to allow users to make group calls from the WhatsApp web as well. If the feature appears to the web soon, it might take on the video-conferencing apps Zoom and Google Meet.

Earlier, it was reported that WhatsApp is planning to combine Messenger Rooms into the app. The Messenger Rooms by Facebook that provides up to 50 people to join a video call might come to WhatsApp as the screenshots by WAbetainfo showed a messenger icon on the share sheet. Interestingly, you don’t even require to have a Facebook account to join a call on Rooms.

The WhatsApp features tracker states that the Android beta update had marks of Messenger Rooms being integrated to WhatsApp, and the messaging app is also working to combine Messenger Rooms Shortcut in the 2.2019.6 Web update.

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