Which Serum to Choose for Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Illuminating

Which Serum to Choose for Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Illuminating

In recent years, the serum has become the flagship of cosmetic firms. Their success has been such that they all offer different facial serums: anti-aging, moisturizing, illuminating, depigmenting, antioxidants… The serum is not an essential cosmetic in the beauty routine, as sun protection is, but experts advise its use. Used to perform complete care.

The serum is a much more fluid and lighter product than the cream. Its differential value lies in that “it has a higher concentration of active ingredients in the formula and has a greater penetration at the epidermal level,” he explains.

The Serum is Not a Substitute For Cream

Before introducing a serum into the facial routine, it is essential to know that it will not replace the cream.

The serum is a compliment, one more step that helps to improve certain aspects of the skin ( spots, wrinkles…) or prevent their appearance. The serum penetrates to the deepest layers of the dermis, while the creams stay in the most superficial.

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The synergy of both is what provides complete care for the face. It is proper that you could do without the moisturizer for the day in some skins, especially in mixed, oily, or those that do not need extra hydration. Doctors Francisco Benavente and Pilar Gomez from the Dermal Dermatological Clinic and members of Top Doctors explain that a basic routine would be “in the morning, cleaning the skin, antioxidant serum, and sun protection. At night, cleansing, hydration with hyaluronic acid and anti-aging active: retinol, glycolic or salicylic according to the skin’s needs.

Analyzing the skin’s needs is the key to getting the serum right.

When choosing a serum, the pharmacist Marta Masi recommends “assessing the skin’s needs to include the most appropriate active ingredients.” Prior diagnosis is essential, and for this, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of an expert. Serums are not chosen based on the type of skin (dry, mixed, oily) but rather on its needs: hydration, uneven tone, wrinkles… You can even use two serums, consistently applying the lightest first.

It is advisable to use “a serum with antioxidant capacity, vitamin C, in the morning, and at night one with a transforming capacity based on retinoids, depigmenting agents, alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids…”, according to Marta Masi. But it is always necessary to evaluate the skin and find the most suitable product. Sometimes it is advisable to use a serum and a cream from the same range to reinforce an action, but it is not always necessary.

As for the age from which it is recommended to include a serum in the facial routine, the expert points out that “facial care should be done from an early age, at 20-25 years of age it should focus on hydration and sun protection. It would be convenient to include a serum with more excellent moisturizing and antioxidant capacity from that age.

Your Correct Application

If used, the serum is the first step in the treatment, morning and night, after cleansing and toning. As these are very concentrated formulas, only 4-5 drops will be necessary for the entire face and neck. Some firms advise heating the product previously in the palms of the hands, for others, it is not required, so it is always a good idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions. “As a general rule, we should wait until the serum has penetrated before continuing with the rest of the routine; in this way, we ensure that it will perform the desired function,” recommends the pharmacist Marta Masi. After 1-2 minutes, you can continue applying the cream or sun protection.

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