Top 3 Methods to Look Prettier Without Makeup

Top 3 Methods to Look Prettier Without Makeup

To put it mildly, we are all embarrassed by how we look in the morning, even in our youth – with swollen eyelids, without makeup. Although many tricks and tips “for all occasions” should have solved this problem once and for all. Which ones work?

Contrasting Washes

It is considered a quick and generally inexpensive way to improve the condition of the skin, which is used by all advanced beauties, from simple students to screen stars. 

The bottom line is alternating warm and cold water, either from the tap or with a cold and hot towel. British actress and supermodel Kate Moss prefers to dip her face in a bowl of cold water, ice and chopped cucumber. 

In an interview with British journalists, she talked about what a striking and instant effect it gives: the pores are narrowed, swelling and swelling disappear.

Male actors often do the same to get in shape quickly. However, such dives are too extreme for the skin, says cosmetologist Olga Temnikova. 

Although the temperature difference itself stimulates metabolic processes, helping to intensively cleanse the deep layers of toxins and toxins and even dissolve fat folds on the face, making the skin more elastic and supple. A more benign option

Nevertheless, alternately warm and cold tap water or use towels or cosmetic ice, which our pop diva Polina Gagarina prefers to use. However, there are essential rules here too. 

As with a contrast shower, the initial temperature of the water should be warm. Then the temperature can be gradually increased to a certain level (it should not burn). Switching to cold water is also recommended, not abruptly, starting with excellent. 

The total duration is from 5-6 seconds (for beginners) to half a minute. The total number of changes is no more than three.

Especially contrasting washes, according to experts, are helpful for such cosmetic defects as contaminated pores and black spots, loss of skin elasticity, the presence of a double chin and “fleece”, loss of facial muscle tone, unhealthy complexion, tired skin, premature ageing.

A pleasant awakening background (since the procedure should be carried out only in the morning hours) in the form of your favourite uplifting music will only enhance the therapeutic and psychological effect. But contrast washings also have contraindications.

These include inflammatory processes: tonsillitis, cystitis, etc.; tumours of various origins; unstable blood pressure; diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems (rosacea, deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, vascular insufficiency, phlebitis, high cholesterol), etc.

But the opinion of nutritionist and beauty coach Elena Dannikova: “I want to say separately about contrast washing. If you do not wish to provoke rosacea (a skin condition characterized by redness and dilated blood vessels on the nose and cheeks), a sharp temperature drop should not be allowed! 

For a soft “training” of the vessels, it is enough to alternate cool (not cold) and warm (not hot) water 1-2 times a week. For daily washing, it is optimal that the hands “do not feel” the water temperature – it must match the temperature of the body.

To understand which washing regimen is optimal in your case, it would be best to consult with a specialist – a cosmetologist. So that beauty brings only joy.

Proper Nutrition

Regular use of the “right” products that preserve beauty and youth is necessary for any anti-ageing program. Especially a lot of good words have already been saying about the magical properties of vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts.

However, in recent years, in the list of products with an anti-ageing effect, spinach, papaya and blueberries, red sweet (Bulgarian) pepper has unexpectedly taken a leading position. Today it is already called almost the first fighter against the old age of the body since sweet pepper contains a record.

The amount of vitamin C necessary for the production of natural collagen ensures the strength and elasticity of all connective tissues and vitamins A, B6, E, and K1. Researchers have calculated that just 100 g of this vegetable contains from 200 to 278% of the daily value of vitamin C! It is recommended to eat at least one red sweet pepper per day.

“Ascorbic acid, vitamin C, synthesizes collagen and other connective tissue formations. We can add youthfulness to the skin because vitamin A and vitamin C are responsible for this matter. Also, beautiful nails, beautiful hair,” nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg told Zvezda radio station.

In addition, according to Mikhail Ginzburg, bell pepper helps keep eyesight sharp, strengthens the immune system, and ensures joint health.

Gymnastics for the Face

The popularity of face fitness or gymnastics for the face is still gaining momentum. Enthusiastic responses from such recognizable people as Prince Gary’s wife, Meghan Markle, add fuel to the fire, who, as it turned out, is not too lazy to perform them almost daily. 

“I swear it works even though you feel foolish. When I regularly do facial exercises, the cheekbones and chin look better, and the contour of the face becomes clearer,” she shares with reporters.

Many offers from Russian “specialists” who teach face fitness techniques appeared at the height of the pandemic when sitting in front of a computer became almost the only way to improve appearance. The main trumps of the method’s supporters are high efficiency, comparable to injection therapy and no pain. Is it so?

“In principle, it is possible to correct the oval or reduce puffiness with the help of exercises. However, you need to perform the activities correctly and regularly for the efforts to bear fruit. 

And even if all these conditions are met, the visible result will begin to appear only after 2-3 months,” the network’s cosmetologist believes EPILAS Medical Centers Alexandra Valuta. – However, our pace of life does not always allow us to devote enough time and effort to high-quality gymnastics. 

A serious problem is also a lot of “trainers” who do not know anatomy, dermatology and cosmetology. There are also no clinical studies that would confirm the vaunted effectiveness of such exercises. All we have is the subjective feedback of our friends. “

According to Alexandra Valuta, without excluding face fitness from your life, it is hardly worth placing too many hopes on it. A cosmetologist with medical education, whom you trust, has remained the main ally. 

A competent specialist will correctly assess your skin condition and offer a set of procedures to correct the problems that concern you.

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