Why Doesn’t Telegram Send Me a Verification Code?

Why Doesn’t Telegram Send Me a Verification Code?

When you sign up for Telegram, you should receive a verification code in the number or email you use to register your account.

The verification code is Telegram’s way of ensuring a valid number is used to register.

Also, when you reset your password or try to log into your Telegram account on another device, you must use the verification code to authenticate your action.

Why doesn’t Telegram send you a code?


When you sign up for Telegram, you need to add your valid phone number to link it to your Telegram account. However, Telegram does not allow users to use virtual numbers. It must therefore verify the number you add using a code.

However, when you forget your Telegram password and want to reset it, you must add the code sent to your phone to complete the process.

Finally, when you log in to your Telegram account on a new device, one of the ways of verification is to send a code to the number linked to the Telegram account.

If you do not receive a code from Telegram, here are the different explanations for this error.

Reason #1: SIM Card Network Error

When Telegram wants to send a code, it uses SMS to send it to your phone. Therefore, your SIM card is required for the process to be successful.

Unfortunately, your SIM card may be the victim of a network error. In this case, she will not receive the text message from Telegram, which makes it seem like the problem is with Telegram when it is not.

Reason #2: Incorrect number

You must enter the correct phone number to receive an SMS when registering. However, if you enter the wrong number, Telegram will send the code to the added number, and you will not receive it on the target phone number.

Also, you will only receive the code if the SIM card of the number you added is turned off or inserted into your phone.

Reason #3: Technical issue

You may not receive the code due to a Telegram server problem. Many requests may be sent simultaneously, causing the server to be delayed.

However, a problem with your phone may affect SMS reception and cause Telegram not to send you the code.


Are you disappointed that Telegram does not send you a code? Don’t worry, as there are several ways to resolve this error.

Solution #1: Fix the SIM card signal

Your SIM card will only receive text messages if you have a stable signal. So remember to go to a place where the signal is stronger or to activate or deactivate the airplane mode.

Turn airplane mode on and off.

Solution #2: Check the number

Info Telegram section for phone number

Double-check the number you added on Telegram to make sure it is valid. Again, ensure that the SIM card inserted into your phone is the one you added to Telegram.

Solution #3: Restart your phone

Restart your device

Restarting your phone is one way to fix technical issues that may be preventing text messages from being received on your phone.


If you do not receive a Telegram code, the problem may be with your SIM card, phone, or phone number you added.

We have discussed the problem, and given the different solutions you can use.

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