How to Sell on Instagram in These Tough Competition

How to Sell on Instagram in These Tough Competition

Have you ever considered starting to sell on Instagram? Well, you should.

Instagram is a social network on the rise. 

More than 1 billion people actively use Instagram. And even more interesting, 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on this platform.

So take advantage and learn how to sell on Instagram. We give you seven infallible tips to help you with your store on Instagram. 

How to sell on Instagram in 2023

If you want to make money with Instagram, follow our advice and tips to sell on Instagram and learn how to monetize this platform.

1. Create a business profile to sell on Instagram

More and more consumers are turning to Instagram instead of Google to search for brands. So if you want to monetize and sell on Instagram, you must spend time and effort designing your posts, just like your website.

Enabling a business profile is the first step in creating a store and starting to promote on Instagram. But beware! It doesn’t work with having a personal account. You will need a professional company profile. 

Because? You will have more features that will allow you to sell on Instagram more effectively. For example, you can see statistics, promote your posts to expand your reach, and, most importantly, activate Instagram Shopping, which allows online stores to sell directly from the social network.

Once your Instagram page is ready to sell, focus on its aesthetics. We recommend that you work with your posts in bulk and make sure that you always use the same font and brand colors.

Maintaining a constant branding strategy throughout all your social networks and website will help your users to identify your brand more easily. 

To sell more on Instagram, your Instagram business profile should include the following:

A profile photo: Create a logo for free if you don’t already have one, and upload it as a profile photo (remember to use a simplified version for easier readability). So your company will be easier to identify.

An account name: To sell on Instagram and make it easier for your target market to find you on the platform, we recommend including the main keyword that describes your business in your account name. For example, if you have an online vegan and organic cosmetics store, the ideal would be to use the words “vegan cosmetics” or “organic cosmetics” in the name of your account.

A well-crafted bio: Your bio should clearly describe your company. Show exactly what you do and what products you sell.

A link to your store: The URL section of your bio is the only link you can add to your Instagram page, so take advantage of it! More than selling directly on Instagram, what you will achieve is attract traffic to your website and improve your SEO strategy. And don’t forget to add UTM tags to your links to be able to analyze your results. 

Featured Stories: This section, often overlooked by many e-commerces, is perfect for selling on Instagram. You will see the featured stories under your profile data. They are identified with round icons that you can customize, including information that you consider relevant to your audience, such as offers, promotions, information about your store, and shopping guides…

2. Create worthwhile content to sell on Instagram

Selling on Instagram is your goal, but you won’t achieve it if you don’t work hard on your content. Keep in mind that everything you communicate through this social network will directly impact how your audience perceives you and, therefore, will influence whether they decide to trust you. 

Create posts to publicize your articles, tag the product, and add clear calls to action. You can also use images or videos your customers have posted using the items in your online store. 

You can request their permission and share it with your audience on your Company Page. This type of user-generated content is very effective and should be considered if you want to learn how to sell on Instagram.

But don’t just focus on promoting your products on Instagram; you must also be able to arouse interest and motivate purchases. This is achieved by applying content marketing. Give life to publications that offer useful and valuable information to your audience, perhaps teaching how to use your products or showing the lifestyle that your offers lead to reach.

The key is to always think about your ideal client and what type of content may be relevant to them, in addition to taking care of the quality of the content you share visually and in copywriting. Clear, well-lit images with proper framing will help you sell more on Instagram. Use video editing software or photo editing apps if you need to to get the best result your followers deserve. 

Also, work on the text of your publications, using a close, human, and persuasive style (of course, free of spelling mistakes so as not to diminish your store’s credibility). The description will help you connect with your audience and encourage interaction, and, in addition, it will give you space to include up to 30 hashtags related to your brand that will help you gain visibility in the Instagram search engine.

3. Use apps to sell on Instagram

Instagram’s shopping feature allows businesses to tag products for sale for users to purchase directly within the app. 

We will show you three different apps that will help you sell on Instagram.

1. Applications to sell on Instagram: Shopify

2. Apps to sell on Instagram: Shoppable Instagram Galleries

3. Applications to sell on Instagram: Link Bio

4. Sell on Instagram with advertising from your store to reach your audience

4. How to sell on Instagram, taking advantage of stories and reels

Instagram stories are gaining popularity compared to traditional posts, so it is a new opportunity to sell on Instagram that you cannot miss.

Instagram Stories are perfect for businesses to engage with the public more frequently and personally. Many brands use them to share new product launches, promote special offers, or share other customers’ reviews.

An important thing. Do not forget to consider the schedule to publish on social networks. If you post your story at the right time, you can greatly increase your visibility and engagement. 

Also, if you have more than 10,000 followers or a verified profile, you can add links to Instagram stories, which will help your Instagram store. But if your account is smaller, don’t worry. You can encourage people to reply to a comment in exchange for the link or even create a chat with them so you can share the link more easily. 

Another functionality you are interested in knowing about this platform and that will help you sell through Instagram in 2023 is that of the reel. This is a new format that Instagram launched in the wake of the success of TikTok, and that allows you to create short videos (15, 30, or 60 seconds) in vertical format through which you can share promotional, educational, or entertaining content for your audience. 

Learning to make reels is very simple, and its results, both at the level of interaction and visibility within the social network, are spectacular, helping you to gain followers on Instagram. Get to work with them to activate your store on Instagram.

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