6 Reasons That Make Tubular Inverter Batteries Highly Efficient

6 Reasons That Make Tubular Inverter Batteries Highly Efficient

One of the most common questions people ask when buying an inverter battery is whether they should go for a flat plate battery or a tubular inverter battery. If you want to know the answer, in short, we would say a tubular battery is an improvised version of a flat plate battery. A tubular battery is relatively advanced in terms of both features and construction. 

Still curious and want to know more about tubular batteries? Read on.

  1. Corrosion Free

Unlike flat batteries, where the active material is pasted on the plate surface, the tubular batteries use a technology wherein the active material is sealed inside polyester tubes (also known as gauntlets). As a result, tubular batteries are corrosion-free and are best suited to operate under extreme conditions

2. Longer Life Span

Every battery has two plates, a positive plate and a negative plate. A tubular battery holds the active material (lead oxide) inside the tube. Therefore, there is no risk of the material shedding off, and thus tubular batteries have a longer life span.

3. Highly Reliable

There’s a reason why tubular batteries are referred to as deep cycle batteries. That’s because they can store large amounts of charge, thereby allowing them to run longer. So, if you live in an area where there are frequent and prolonged power cuts, you can rely on a tubular battery.

4. Low Maintenance

Tubular batteries are somewhat more expensive than flat plate batteries, but unlike flat plate batteries that need high maintenance (regular water top-ups), tubular batteries require minimal maintenance. It does not need frequent water top-up and is, therefore, a more hassle-free and convenient option. 

5. Consistent Performance Even Under High Pressure

Tubular batteries can perform consistently under the most challenging conditions and are therefore best suited for sensitive and heavy applications. The reason being, tubular batteries are manufactured under high pressure using the HADI casting method, which makes them stronger and operable under extreme conditions.

6. Longer Warranty

Warranty is one of the most important factors that people consider before they buy an inverter battery. Since tubular batteries are more durable and come with a longer lifespan, the companies also offer more extended warranties on these batteries. 

Planning to Buy One?

Now, if you are convinced about buying a tubular battery for your home or office, we recommend you to go check out the comprehensive range of batteries that Luminous has to offer. Luminous is one of the most trusted and reputable brands you can rely on to buy an inverter battery.

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