How To Make Money Online With No Upfront Investment

How To Make Money Online With No Upfront Investment

Making money without having to invest first seems too good to be true. What kind of business doesn’t require startup capital?

Luckily the internet has made many things possible, and making money online with low barriers to entry is one of them. You can make money in many ways with only a small amount of money to start. Many methods are even free.

All it takes is a good internet connection, a good idea and lots of hustle to get started and then end up making money.

In this article, I will go over several ways that you can get started and make an income online.

1. Start a blog

Though it is much harder to gain traction and make living blogging these days, it is still very possible. It may take longer to see results, and you will have to pay attention to a lot of small details, but your hard work will be rewarded with an income.

There are a few ways of going about this. The days of blogging about your life and making money, as a result, are over. Now, you need to pick a topic and dedicate the blog to that. After a couple of years of consistent publishing of posts, you should make a living.

You’ll make money through advertisements or even from commissions when you recommend products that get bought by the readers through your unique link ID. Some topics that are proven to make money are things like health and beauty, relationships, and investing in cryptocurrency. The last one is especially lucrative as the commissions are high. Take a look at the current price of Bitcoin in INR, and you can see why.

Eventually, you will have to spend a little bit of money on growing your site by doing things like buying guest posts and paying for ads to promote your blog.

2. Become a social media Influencer

The concept is similar to blogging when you do social media. You should focus on a topic and become a trusted person in your area of expertise. Find an item you are interested in and then dedicate your social media presence to it.

If you love to cook, then focus on a specific type of cuisine. If you are interested in sport, then focus on one in particular. Your passion for the topic will come across and help you build a following as you will be considered an influencer.

When you have a sizable audience, you will be approached by brands to promote their products through sponsored posts.

3. Sell your services

Bloggers that are trying to grow their blog will need to outsource some of the work. If you have experience in web design, writing scripts, or even write flawless English, then you can get paid to do these services for those bloggers. It takes no money upfront, and you can make a decent living by doing this.

Then, once you have some money saved up, you can grow it as a business by hiring people to do the work while you focus on finding clients.

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