Implementation of Digital Technology Brings Many Benefits

Implementation of Digital Technology Brings Many Benefits

Both workers and companies need digital knowledge to compete in the labour market.

However, the goal is to reach a total of more than two million professionals in this sector in 2030, which is why the IEBS Business School Disruptive Technologies Report 2021, The training and specialization of workers in digital tasks will be essential in the coming years.

The implementation of digital technologies brings many advantages. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that companies that are members of this area tend to have better technical and organizational skills and achieve relatively higher productivity benefits. 

Due to their activity or way of organizing themselves, companies must take advantage of the competitive value provided by new technologies. That is why, if it is already essential to manage talent within your company, digital talent is even more so. Since you let it escape due to its difficulty in replacing it, in that case, it becomes quite a significant problem for the company. 

Digital talent is increasingly in demand. Linkedin establishes that hiring digital marketing experts has increased by 61%. Companies know this and offer advantages so that workers opt for one company or another. 

The main arguments do not vary from other types of profiles; instead,there are short- and long-term mechanisms. In short, they can be teleworking, freedom to organize, and social benefits. And, of course, effective HR management, giving them motivation, a feeling of belonging, of being part of a group. And, in the long term, offering them a project that lasts over time, in which there is training and a continued career plan within the company. 

And, of course, we must recognize the relevance of economic conditions. In short, it is a matter of, whenever it is in your power, offering something others cannot.

The increase in interest on the part of companies for this type of digital profile leads to a very high turnover of companies changing. 

Suppose you, without lifting a finger, receive several job offers in your inbox every day. In that case, it is likely that sooner or later, you will value a proposal that improves your current conditions. This circumstance generates a series of dynamics that make it challenging to retain the employee. If there is a condition at work that causes concern or discomfort, instead of facing it, it is straightforward for that person to leave the company behind and go to another that improves them. The conditions give him what he demands in his professional life.

The fissures to include the digital world in companies 

The physical tools offered by companies must evolve in tune with new technologies. Specifically, 49% of workers feel frustrated by the technology their company provides them. 

This type of instrument, on many occasions, needs to be adapted to the current situation, which leads to delays in work and a deterioration in working conditions. Consequently, 26% are considering changing jobs to improve their work environment.

Job training is also an aspect to take into account. IEBS Business School determines that only 3.2% of professionals are experts in these technologies, a fact that reflects the delay in obtaining this type of skills by workers compared to the speed of development of the sector and that justifies the significant increase in demand for specialized profiles in tasks related to the digital world.

The most in-demand digital jobs 

The digital world comprises various specific jobs that improve business performance. For this reason, Synergie has decided to collect some of the most demand:

Graphic designer: Currently, the work of a graphic designer is essential to ensure that a user obtains a satisfactory experience when visiting a web page. The visual aspect of companies is becoming increasingly important to attract a client, which causes most companies to consider this type of profile necessary, regardless of the sector their business is focused on.

Cloud Architect: Due to digitization, companies have significantly increased the use of servers and cloud data storage platforms. For this reason, the profile of a Cloud expert with programming and security knowledge to implement this network of applications in the cloud is essential to carry out this task.

Data Specialist: Companies in our country are storing more data than ever and using it as a critical factor in decision-making. The work of analysis and classification of this data carried out by Data specialists is essential to define the evolution of the business model of any company. 
Community manager: It seeks to manage and cement virtual communities. Through analytical tools, it works to understand the perception of users. Thanks to this, they update the content according to the client’s preferences.

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