iOS 14 gets a major redesign with new translation features

iOS 14 gets a major redesign with new translation features

The updated version of iOS Siri will be available with iOS 14, which for now has been revealed as a beta for developers. The redesign for Siri sees new features being added to it.

Apple revealed its latest iOS 14 operating system during WWDC today, and Siri is getting a big update. Siri will pop up with a new, larger cartoonish icon that resembles when you summon the digital assistant in iOS.

The new circle now seems over the regular UI of iOS 14, and it can even throw up widgets when you request for the weather.

Siri also seems to include a new compact mode, and the assistant will now recommend sending audio messages. Apple is also adding advanced translation support. As part of a new Translate app, Siri will assist with translations that will even work entirely offline.

The new Translate app seems like a significant competitor to Google’s Translate app, and it will also operate in landscape mode on iPhones.

Apple alleges that Siri has become more complicated than before, and has grown on to handle 25 billion requests per month. This has also accommodated it gain twenty-times more facts than it did only three years ago.

Siri’s growth has also allowed Apple to add new features that could improve it take the fight to Google Assistant, which over the years has gone on to become more powerful than Apple’s offering.

Apple is also updating its iPadOS 14 version of Siri. Results will arrive on a small screen in the bottom right-hand corner of an iPad screen. The new icon also hovers over the new iPadOS 14 user interface that adds widgets directly on the home screen.

The most exciting of these features is Translate, a Siri backed standalone app that can translate written and spoken words in real-time.

The heavy lifting for this is done by Apple’s Neural Engine present on the user’s phone, thereby addressing this a completely on-device process and one that does not require an internet connection.

The movement to make Translate an on-device solution also provides this a more private affair as no data is transferred to the company. Apart from this, Apple maintains that Siri can now also send audio messages to users. It can also now run voice dictation on a device to help users.

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