Level of Digitization and Access Aid For Self-Employment

Level of Digitization and Access Aid For Self-Employment

In terms of digitization, not all freelancers have the exact needs. A bakery, for example, does not require the same digital resources to improve its activity as a car workshop. 

For this reason, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through the platform, has made a self-diagnosis available to businesses that allow them to know whether or not they are digital; and what degree of digitalization they have if they are already on the network. 

In addition, self-employed workers will be able to assess the current cybersecurity level of their business with this tool.

Knowing the level of digitization of a business can be very interesting given the aid that Europe is already going to allocate, within the Next Generation Funds, for the self-employed

The digital diagnostic test is necessary to access these subsidies in both cases. These grants are not designed for a self-employed person to buy a laptop. They are used for specific resources such as creating a web page, computer programs to help them with their accounting, investing in a Community Manager to manage their social networks or positioning themselves on the Internet. 

This is the test to determine the level of digitization of your business and access aid.

Within the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the self-employed will find multiple tools to enter digitization. 

The most urgent and attractive is the self-diagnosis that they can do to apply for the aids of the Digital Kit. They must only register within the platform itself with an email and password to do this. Once this registration is completed, they can start the test.

With an estimated duration of 10 minutes, the digital diagnostic test comprises 13 simple questions on digitalization. The information that will request will be requested from the self-employed person has been prepared under the indicators or digitization standards at a European level, such as DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) and DII (Digital Intensity Index). 

Once the questions have been completed, the self-diagnosis will position the business’s digitization level from ‘very low’ to ‘very high’. Likewise, this questionnaire shows the self-employed the national indicators of the other small companies previously analyzed. 

Advanced test, cybersecurity test for freelancers and other tools

In addition to the self-diagnosis test, the platform has two other questionnaires. 

The first would be the self-assessment of digital transformation, where the platform measures the maturity of the business in the digital ecosystem and “accompanies” entrepreneurs in their digital transformation. 

This test consists of 47 questions and asks questions related to the business’s strategy, organization, technology and digital infrastructure, and relationship with customers and marketing. On the other hand, thanks to the cybersecurity self-assessment, the self-employed will find out the weak points of their web pages, emails or social networks in the digital ecosystem to reinforce them.

Within the website itself, the self-employed can also find handy resources to advance in digitalization in their businesses. 

The platform has a plan of informative face-to-face and online conferences where different free digitization subjects are discussed. 

Digital organization, Artificial Intelligence or robotics aspects that sound far from the present, but that many large companies are already running in their businesses and that the web already makes available to the productive fabric.

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