PowerStore: Next-Generation Data Storage

PowerStore: Next-Generation Data Storage

The future of data storage is here, and it’s called DellEMC PowerStore. Modern data centre challenges demand a fresh approach to data storage infrastructure and management. Designed for the new era of data, Dell Technologies introduces the Dell EMC Power Store.

Dell Technologies finally made public its new commitment to the future of data management and storage. Dell Technologies launched the Dell EMC Power Store, expanding its data storage portfolio with a new family of storage solutions that power current and future workloads.

PowerStore: Characteristics and fundamental aspects

Power Store is an advanced data storage solution designed and developed to focus on the demands of the new data era.

Introduces a new intelligent and adaptable data-centric infrastructure supporting diverse data requirements and simplifying IT operations. It proposes a unified architecture optimized for performance for any workload.

  • It includes the innovative AppsON functionality that makes it possible to run virtualized workloads directly on the array, making them mobile and agile. Provides flexibility to run virtualized VMware applications directly on the appliance while offering the capacity to external workloads
  • Its adaptable architecture, tied to the speed and mobility of workloads, offers choice, predictability and investment protection.
  • It is purpose-built with a built-in VMware ESXi hypervisor.
  • Programmable infrastructure simplifies management, DevOps, and more with intelligent automation.

PowerStore and the advantages of the new generation of DellEMC data storage

Among the great benefits of DellEMC PowerStore and the new era of Dell Technologies data storage solutions and appliances, the PowerStore family of devices removes the classic handicaps in performance, scalability and efficiency of traditional data storage, with an infrastructure focused on intelligent and adaptable data that transforms and mobilizes both conventional and modern workloads.

Boost the performance of your data infrastructure

Modernizing your data centre by integrating an advanced and modern solution like DellEMC PowerStore, quickly revolutionizes the data storage and performance with which you manage, serve and move large volumes of business data.

Among other significant advantages, PowerStore:

  1. Multiplies x7 performance
  2. Reports a 4:1 intelligent data reduction ratio
  3. Allows you to migrate applications to PowerStore in just 7 clicks

The future of data storage solutions

Modern data centres require a new approach to data storage infrastructure. In the contemporary business era, the asset represented by data and its management is presented as a competitive agent of great value. 

The combination of the large volumes of data to be managed with the innovation and development of new technologies led to the evolution of data storage and protection solutions like never before. 

The digitization of business and the consolidation of data storage (which is created, processed and stored today everywhere) represents a need that ensures the continuity and competitiveness of firms and companies. 

At the same time and with as much or more importantly, the current dynamism of technological development requires enhancing the simplicity and agility of the technical infrastructure in general and each of its elements.

In this paradigm, Dell Technologies launched PowerStore, a modern data storage appliance designed and engineered for today’s IT and data demands.

Implement and integrate PowerStore into your IT

How to incorporate PowerStore into your data centre? Modernizing your CPD by integrating data storage devices from the new PowerStore family is much more agile and straightforward than you can imagine.

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