Tricks to Use Your Smart TV in Different Ways

Tricks to Use Your Smart TV in Different Ways

Do you only use your TV to watch TV? Smart TVs arrived to open a new world and managed to put aside the concept of “dumb box”. The transformation took place by adding one more feature to traditional television: the Internet connection. 

Now, the user “chooses what he wants to see at each moment”. If you still don’t feel that power, maybe you’re not taking advantage of the full potential of your television. Today, on this blog, we will give you some tricks to get the most out of your Smart TV.

In reality, it is inconsistent to buy a television of this quality and technology if you are not going to take advantage of its functionalities. If you are not an expert yet, we will tell you everything you can do with your new television.

Command War is Over

You need your smartphone and have the free remote control app installed that many manufacturers have created for their televisions. Thus, whoever is in control does not have power because anyone can access its functions from their mobile phone.

Welcome Music!

Many like to listen to music while doing household chores or telework. You no longer need music equipment; your Smart TV serves you. The sound quality is quite good (many users also buy an additional soundbar for their TV). Then you have to install the Spotify app or search the YouTube app for your favourite music. To improve sound quality, many televisions incorporate a specific sound mode for music, so you will take advantage of the television’s power to listen to your favourite music.

Connectivity Beyond the Screen

A device as simple and affordable as Google’s Chromecast revolutionized connectivity between mobile phones and television since it allowed the user to send content from their phone to the tv easily. 

Now, most new televisions have a built-in Chromecast, with which you can make everything you see on your mobile phone also be seen on your Smart TV.

Also, another option you have when it comes to connectivity is to view any file you have on another device (computer, tablet, etc.) on your TV. Both the TV and the device must be connected to the same network and remain on while the content is playing.

Your Smart TV as a Computer

Now many televisions of this type have hardware very similar to that of a smartphone, with which it can also perform some of the functions of a computer. The possibilities are limitless, and to achieve this; you only need to connect a keyboard and mouse to your television. Simple, right?

More Storage

You should already know that you can connect a USB to your Smart TV and watch the movies, series or photos you have on it. But this option also allows you to record content from your television to view it later. Just plug in an external hard drive and set it up as an extension of internal storage.

Ability to Install Apps

We have already discussed it before. You can install the same applications on your Smart TV as on your mobile phone. Downloading games, consulting our social networks, talking on Whatsapp or making a video call on Skype are actions you can also carry out through your television.

Your Television as a Decorative Element

It is not usually done much, but there is the option. Many include “Ambient mode” (or similar), a mode that turns the TV into a giant photo frame and, with the proper steps, can be wholly camouflaged with the wall. The quality of the image is quite tremendous, and with the size and the photo you like, it will be an exciting decorative element.

Control Smart TV by Voice

An option that all these devices have but that is rarely used. Your specific model must have a button with a microphone on the remote to talk to ask for everything. And it sure has a name.

Buying a Smart TV and not taking full advantage of all its functions is a real shame and an unnecessary waste of money, and now you know many of the things you can do with it to make your daily life easier.

You have a wide variety of channels with our Premium TV to continue taking advantage of your Smart TV. And with our combined rates with Fiber Optic, you will have everything you need for your entertainment at the best price. 

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