What Happened To The Gaming Industry At The Time Of Covid?

What Happened To The Gaming Industry At The Time Of Covid?

In recent years, the Government in Italy has focused precisely on the fight against gambling addiction, implementing rather harsh and restrictive measures to reduce the number of electronic devices such as slot machines and remove them from the points considered sensitive in the city. In addition to this, restrictive measures have been imposed on promotion and advertising by gaming companies. Nonetheless, gambling continued its run, registering high numbers all over Italy. The online gaming sector is particularly thriving, certainly the most innovative version of the old casino.

The arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy has upset the country in several respects, immediately hitting several sectors hard. Among the penalized certainly is that of gambling, together with the catering and travel sector. In reality, however, it is essential to distinguish between traditional gambling halls and the online landscape when it comes to the world of games. This is immediately understood because a high volume of new online casinos has been opened, while there are gambling halls that have closed their shutters permanently.

The effects of the lockdown on the gaming industry

With the lockdown, the shutters of all those places of possible unnecessary gathering have closed. Gambling halls and casinos are included in these places. The closing months have been hard for these companies, as for others; after all, rents, taxes, and expenses have remained the same as always (and not proportionate to the income), while the turnover ended at zero online casino Kenya

Although it reopened in May, recovering was not entirely possible for several reasons. First of all, before the sector market was not flourishing anyway, it did not start with the same rhythms as always because of the reopenings. On the one hand, there was certainly the fear of emptying the gambling halls, on the other the “boredom” of having to comply with specific strict safety rules, although necessary.

In October, yet another hard blow for companies in the gambling sector: new closures and, this time, little hope of reopening in good time. Despite the security adjustments made during the summer season to work, at the beginning of October, the Government again established the closure of traditional gambling halls and casinos, casting a shadow on these businesses. In the various subsequent doc, the subject has never been dealt with, so there is the mockery of not knowing one’s destiny in addition to the damage.

New online casinos: Growing with Covid

Faced with a sector of traditional games in the entire crisis, there is the online one experiencing a considerable expansion. It may have been difficult to push people to seek their luck in gambling or simply the boredom of not being able to do much else; in all cases, the numbers of online gaming have risen whirlwind. Some are accustomed to gambling halls and have moved online; those who were already web players, but finding themselves more time at home and without the possibility of doing their everyday activities, spent more time playing, obviously spending even more.

Security alert with the pandemic

With the pandemic, illegal gambling offers have multiplied, as if you wanted to take advantage of the players’ sensitivity and perhaps the greatest desire for entertainment. It, therefore, happens that clandestine gambling dens are proposed, particularly in large cities; and of the online encrypted abusive network, with offices in geographic areas that are substantially not prosecutable.

Playing on these portals is unsafe in several respects: first of all, because you have to provide personal data, which you don’t know where they end up, and secondly because you don’t know if the game is legal, if everything works correctly, whether in case of a win you receive your payment or not.

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