What is Google Bard: Everything You Need to Know About This AI

What is Google Bard: Everything You Need to Know About This AI

After a long period in which Google saw how Microsoft launched its own Artificial Intelligence through GPT Chat, the time has come to get ready to test Google Bard, Google’s new own Artificial Intelligence with which they intend to compete within this field.

What is Google Bard?

Bard is the Google chat where you can continue asking questions and getting answers without going to another website. Like ChatGPT, Bard is a conversational Artificial Intelligence created by Google. It will allow us to optimize all the resources the search engine offers, asking the question directly in it and obtaining a clear and concise answer.

Bard came to be (aside from the growth that Chat GPT has had) so that users continue to use Google for quick queries. It will not be necessary to enter certain pages and collect all the information. Still, Google’s own AI will take care of it. 

Google tells us that, thanks to Bard, we will obtain current and high-quality answers because all the information will be taken from the Internet, so it will always be as up-to-date as possible. The idea is that the user can obtain a complete and general answer to any concept, boosting Internet searches through natural language.

It should be noted that (and for now, throughout the European Union) we still cannot use this AI because Google does not want to violate the Data Protection Regulation (RGPD ) and other European laws.

Differences between Google Bard and ChatGPT

  1. The main difference, and the most important, is knowing that Bard is connected to the Internet, so the information provided by the virtual assistant will be updated, while Chat GPT only gives information up to the year 2021, so it can provide incorrect or outdated information.
  2. Bard is based on the LAMDA application (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), a neural language model focused on improving intelligence capacity. This is what, unlike GPT Chat, will allow us to have a more fluid and natural conversation with the virtual assistant since it will consider the context of the conversation.
  3. While you can ask Chat GPT to answer you in a wide variety of languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese…), for the moment, Bard will only give us answers in English, Japanese and Korean.
  4. Unlike GPT Chat, Bard is integrated as a search function within Google, so it is not independent of the browser.
  5. Bard helps the search carried out by the user more effectively since, in addition to giving several options as an answer, it refers to the sources on which it has been based to obtain this information.
  6. While from GPT Chat, you must copy and paste the generated content. Bard will allow us to convert all the generated content into an Excel document or sheet and send it directly to Gmail with a single click.
  7. To give the user more capabilities and not only offer a schematic answer as the GPT Chat AI does, Bard will offer three options in response to the question asked, as if they were drafts, so we can select the one that best suits us.

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