Use Chat GPT and Optimize the SEO of your Website

Use Chat GPT and Optimize the SEO of your Website

The appearance of GPT Chat has SEO professionals needing clarification. On the one hand, it’s an amazing tool we want to make the most of (hence the origin of this guide), but on the other, will we be out of work because of AI? We do not believe it, but it is a resource we must learn to use correctly.

That said, we are going to explain how to use GPT Chat and optimize the SEO of your website. And no, we will not start by explaining GPT Chat; what do we know that all SEOs are back and a half with this?

Ah, if you are here, it is because you love SEO, and we have a guide for Local SEO with Google My Business. Total match.

1. GPT Chat and its features to improve your SEO

This is a guide, so we will talk about what you can do and some not so recommended practices. We will insert a good and a bad one if you do not read the beautiful part at the beginning and do not pay attention to the errors. So we go, one of such and one of sand.

Improve your structured data with ChatGPT.

Structured data is a standardized code format. These are included in web pages to make them easier for search engines to crawl and to achieve better and faster results. GPT Chat can be a great tool to improve this aspect.

Searching for keywords in GPT Chat is not a good idea

Chat GPT does not know the search volume of the keywords. But most importantly, it cannot differentiate whether that keyword is being used to search for information or make a purchase. That is to say, and the informational and transactional keywords thing sounds like something other than something to you. Therefore, it gives us a list of keywords by topic, not by monthly searches, and of course, the job of ranking the words according to search intent is still ours. Is this a win? We need to be clearer.

Write Meta Descriptions or ALT texts

Meta descriptions are HTML tags found within a web page’s code and, as its name suggests, describe its content. The meta description in search engines is displayed just below the search results.

This is a very important field since it is the first impression that users will have of our content. Therefore, it is essential to optimize it to get your attention in a clear, short, and concise way (although we must take into account that, with the latest updates, search engines like Google can choose not to show them or modify them with the content of the page that satisfies the search intent of the users). An optimized meta description will help increase the CTR of your page in the SERPs, and an increase in the number of clicks will be optimal for the SEO of your page.  

ChatGPT can provide mass-optimized meta descriptions, saving time and allowing you to focus on other tasks. You only have to provide your page’s topic to do this, although you can include more precise indications.

GPT Chat is lying, and this is horrible for SEO

Chat GPT is not that he is lying on purpose and wants the information on your website to be wrong; it is that the data with which he generates the response has the last update of the year 2021, so if you ask him for something more recent, he will surely be wrong. For example, we will ask you who is the last winner of the soccer world cup, which was held in 2022.

SEO-Oriented Articles: Proofreader and Rewriter

Yes, ChatGPT can create entire articles focused on SEO, and in fact, some extensions help you do it (as we teach you in our TikTok). If you still don’t follow us, you miss all the sauce.

What will happen if everyone takes the content from ChatGPT and copies and pastes it on their website? Well, well, surely, when Google crawls the information in the future, it will realize that there are entire paragraphs duplicated in different articles. We don’t say anything else.

If you already have some text written and want to see what improvements you could implement, it is a good option to use GPT Chat. In addition to this, extend extension, or rewrite are two best practices. Keep in mind that if you enter an OWN article, the probability that you end up with the same content as another user who uses the AI ​​is practically… nil.

You can rest easy, this article is homegrown, and behind these words, there is a person as flesh and blood as you, although it would be difficult to tell the difference… And is that ChatGPT knows how to replicate human writing almost perfectly. When writing an article focused on SEO, some of the questions that you can ask are the following:

  • That it does not commit plagiarism.
  • That it exceeds the competition in length.
  • That it optimizes the headers, among others.

GPT Chat content is not always of value

Here we open a melon, and it is that on many occasions, the responses for content writing of Chat GPT are a set of empty phrases, which have no value for the user and lack accuracy. Surely if we ask that a text contain certain keywords, it will implement them, but at the user level (without thinking only about positioning, what do we know), the content does not solve the doubt.

Suppose you do not intend to write useful content for the user and only want keywords and extensions. In that case, we remind you that the average time the user will spend on your website will be greatly reduced if they cannot find what they are looking for. And this, SEO friends, penalizes.

robots.txt file

We will not get involved in code issues because it is a world apart, and we do not want to touch the hearts of our programmers, who have a little more competition with Chat GPT. If you don’t deal much with asterisks, allow and disallow them, and the AI ​​will generate the robots.txt file.

By the way, if you want to avoid Chat GPT entering your website…

User-agent: ChatGPT-User

Disallow: /

We couldn’t keep this gem to ourselves because Chat GPT generates the hreflang tags for your website. Yes, as you read, it also helps us with international SEO. It does not have much science, you just give it the indication, including the languages ​​, and it will give you back the ready code.

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas

Chat GPT is a source of inspiration for many writers (and communities) who have to cover monthly content and are left dry. You can ask him for ideas for your blog posts, and later he can suggest a writing structure in case the title alone is not enough and you want the job ready. Looking for some domain ideas is also useful without forgetting to check their availability later.

2. SEO audit with GPT Chat?

The first thing to say is that, far beyond writing, ChatGPT can be useful for other functions related to organic positioning. It allows us to quickly conduct a first SEO audit and discover what improvements can be implemented on the web page. We have to provide a URL address and ask everything we want to know. For example, let’s ask him what he thinks of this article you are reading.

Once you are clear about the errors on your website and how to improve them, it is time to get down to work, and here ChatGPT also has a lot to say.

Does Google penalize the content generated with Chat GPT for SEO positioning?

The short answer is yes. However, Google cannot always detect that ChatGPT or other language models have generated content. If the content goes through a human review, the text is “humanized” (understood as rewriting some issues, modifying the structure, and giving it a personal style…) Google will not detect it. However, dumping the automatically generated content on the web page is an error.

Search engines like Google already equate it to other bad practices, such as content duplication or black hat techniques. However, we must not forget that Google – like many others – also wants to join the AI ​​bandwagon, so it remains to be seen how it will position itself in this regard in the future and how it will improve its language model so that it can surpass competitors such as ChatGPT. Contradictory, right?

3. How to know if Chat GPT has written content?

As we mentioned above, detecting that content has been written by ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence can be difficult. However, search engines like Google are already investing in studies and technologies and are already capable of detecting when it comes to unnatural writing.

Certain factors can make you suspect that an AI has written content, and we detail them below:

First, if the content is too formal or “robotized” in tone, which does not follow a natural structure, it may have been written by artificial intelligence. 

If the same structure is always applied to the content, we should also be suspicious since language engines like ChatGPT use these “schemes” to structure their information repeatedly. 

If the text has outdated data, it may be because it has been generated automatically. ChatG PT and similar technologies require updates and do not always have recent information. 

If the text is flat, with no trace of personal style or ratings, it is probably because there is no person behind those words. ChatGPT is characterized by returning objective and neutral results, so it is limited to exposing the information. 

It can also be an alarm signal if certain words or expressions are repeated without much coherence. 

Grammatical mistakes are sometimes good! And we explain ourselves: to err is human, and if there is not a single typo or grammatical mistake in a text, it may be because, precisely, humans have had nothing to do with that content.

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