Why and How Should You Change Your AC Filters?

Why and How Should You Change Your AC Filters?

Life is busy for people across the globe. While the high-priority tasks tend to stress us out in our daily schedule, the ones kept on low priority, including regular maintenance of installed appliances, are often ignored. Air conditioners or ACs in our homes are one such appliance that needs routine maintenance, particularly about the replacement of AC filters.

The primary function of an AC filter is to clean the cool air that circulates through the system. It traps and holds various types of particulates like pollen, dust, molds, and fibers that could lead to health problems. This is the reason why changing AC filters is a crucial step in the AC maintenance process.

Perks of Timely Changing AC Filters

  • Improved AC Performance During Summers

We all want the installed ACs to function at their best in cooling the indoor area in our homes. However, it will only happen if AC filters inside are working properly. With continuous use over time, dirt and debris get collected in the filters, which then obstruct the airflow. As a result, it increases the workload of AC and has an impact on its overall performance.

By replacing the AC filters timely, you can easily maintain the performance of the internal components, which would occur otherwise with obstructed airflow. Doing this will also enhance indoor air comfort.

  • Lower Chance of Breakdown

As AC filters age, they start to underperform and may release fibers or debris into the moving parts of an AC. This debris then affects the performance of other internal components and can even lead to mechanical breakdowns. Ultimately, you have to bear the unexpected expense of mechanical repair and AC part replacement.

By changing the AC filters timely, you can easily avoid expensive repairs of your AC’s internal components. Alongside, it will result in improved cooling performance of AC to help you beat the summer heat.

  • Improved Air Quality

As said above, AC filters screen out pollutants and dust from the indoor air to make it suitable for breathing. As a result, you and your loved ones enjoy good health and can prevent various health issues. On the flip side, not replacing AC filters means breathing in the air filled with pollutants.

By timely changing AC filters, you can ensure that the air inside your home is free from pollutants and enjoy improved indoor air quality with your family.

How to Change AC Filters

AC filter replacement is an easy task if you know where the filters are located inside the air conditioner. For instance, they can be found in or near to the ducts. In some cases, you may get to see the filters without opening the AC system entirely. You can also call an AC to repair professional for this task.

Here are the general steps to replace AC filters:

  • Turn off the power as a safety measure.
  • Slide-out the old filter to remove it.
  • Dispose of the clogged filter safely.
  • Please insert the new AC filters in the frame and lock it back up.

Select the Right AC Filters for Best Results

Along with changing AC filters regularly, it is equally important to select good quality AC filters from renowned brands like Nirvana Being. Nirvana Being Nanotech Split AC filter is a best in class solution to transform your AC into an air sterilizer. Some of its best features are:

  • Easy to install in a split AC
  • Contaminant filtration efficiency of more than 99.7%
  • 96% filtration efficiency for PM 2.5
  • Can be used with split AC of any brand or tonnage

This nanotech filter is made of electrospun nanofibres that can trap even the small particles of the size of 0.1 microns in the indoor air. Another feature that makes these AC filters one of a kind is their estimated life of 200-500 hours subject to the AQI in your area.

Currently, most people are staying at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic it is your responsibility to maintain clean indoor air by replacing AC filters timely. So, you should buy the most suitable AC filters and keep your loved ones healthy at home.

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