A YouTube Channel To Showcase Your Gaming Skills

A YouTube Channel To Showcase Your Gaming Skills

Are you an avid gamer and enjoy playing the latest games on the market? If the answer is yes, your gaming skills are something other gamers would love to know about. With mobile, PC, and console gaming getting better each passing year, gamers are looking for tips or walkthroughs to help them enhance their skills and ace the game!

Youtube is the ideal platform to showcase your gaming talent and share video walkthroughs and gaming tips. It has the perfect target audience for gaming, and so if you are creating a Youtube channel, we have a few suggestions for you.

Without further ado, here are some of the ways to enhance your Youtube Gaming channel and create breathtaking content:

Up the Ante With Gaming Rigs and Consoles

Starting to create your own YouTube gaming channel may take a small initial investment, especially to up the ante for your games. While this is easier for mobile or console gaming, PC gaming will require you to ensure that it supports powerful gaming features. 

Youtube gamer

You don’t need to splurge and all out for this, but make sure the game doesn’t lag and supports advanced graphics to create high-quality videos.

Opt for Games That Are Trending & Where You Have an Expertise

Gaming skills are essential, but it will matter only if the games you are playing are trending. There are plenty of categories with their takers, from the first-person shooter, strategy, adventure, role-playing, sports, puzzle, and more. 

We’d suggest picking the trending games from these categories and opt for multiplayer games, as those have the maximum players.

Please give yourself plenty of hours of gaming on the chosen game so that you can provide expert insights and figure out the tricks before you teach your viewers about it. The key to creating fantastic gaming videos is knowing the game in and out and answering people’s doubts and queries.

Pick the Right Scenarios and Break Your Videos Into Categories

Once you have finalized the basics, it is now time to get down to conceptualizing the video. Bringing the concept right is what differentiates the pros from the rest, as this helps you create an apt storyline that will enhance your gaming video. 

Find out what gamers are looking for when they go to YouTube for particular gaming videos, and start creating videos to help them.

Gaming videos are usually from categories like:

  • How-To: Videos that help gamers know how to perform a particular quest, level, or scenario. These videos can also be explainer as it covers a specific topic.
  • Walkthroughs: Gaming walkthroughs are videos that showcase a complete end-to-end about the game. While YouTubers have been known to upload the entire gaming walkthrough, which can be a few hours, breaking it into parts is a great option. Walkthroughs help users understand a particular level or know what is to be done, so breaking it into small parts makes it easier for them to search the apt video.
  • Tips & Tricks: Gaming videos that provide insights and expert tricks for gamers. These are ideally created for multiplayer games, where gamers are looking for suggestions to enhance their gaming and score maximum points over their competition.
  • Reactions: Reaction videos provide a real-time reaction to particular games and can be entertaining if done expertly. If you can provide insights, comments, or well-thought-out responses to games that are relatable to the audience, you can be a big hit!
  • Reviews: Many users watch videos of the top gamers provide insights and thoughts of the market’s latest games. Most high-octane games are paid, and users always prefer to make a conscious decision by understanding all they can about the particular game.

Don’t Just Share Videos, Edit Them Before Publishing.

Once you have shot (or, in the case of gaming videos, captured the footage you need), you need to get it to the level that the audience enjoys. Don’t just upload a video right after you have captured it, as it will have several spots or pauses that should ideally be edited. 

Even though YouTube gaming videos are longer than normal videos, most users’ attention span is just a few minutes. So, tweak, edit, and add enhancements to make sure you are capturing their attention from the get-go. 

You can add intros, outros, and visual enhancements using a range of video editing tools available online or offline. But if you are looking for the best, go to VideoCreek, which is easy-to-use while being packed with features, templates, and more!

Use the Rights Tags and Content for YouTube

When you upload a video on YouTube, there are many enhancements you need to make. From the thumbnail, title to the description, your video content may be great but will never get noticed if you get this wrong. 

So, use the right hashtags and content for the title and description while ensuring your thumbnail is eye-catching.

Most of the content on YouTube is seen by users depending on YouTube’s algorithm, defined by user preferences. More than gaining subscribers, use the right tags and enhancements to reach users who may not follow but are looking for the content you are uploading.

Share on Social Media, and Use Teasers to Promote

Now that your video is live, you can’t just expect comments, views, and reactions to come! It would help if you promoted it, and social media platforms are the ideal way to reach out to your target audience. Share the video among friends and your network, but don’t just stop there.

To truly be a YouTuber known for creating incredible gaming videos, you need to go beyond. Leverage ads or create a page to reach the right target audience outside your network, and you can truly start your journey as a gaming video maker. 

You can create unique ads or teaser videos using VideoCreek’s ad maker and instantly increase your engagement and reach.


Creating, uploading, and promoting YouTube gaming videos is not a simple task and requires dedication and consistency. So while it can seem daunting, we suggest taking one step at a time. 

You can enhance your videos using an online tool to give yourself an edge, but video quality will only matter if your video content is unique.

Finally, it is all about what you bring to the table. To start gaming and create videos that stand out!

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