Google and Jio partnered for the launch of 4G JioPhone Next

Google and Jio partnered for the launch of 4G JioPhone Next

The JioPhone Next is now listed for extended release around Diwali, which will take a spot in early November. The phone is currently in testing with a little number of users.

The JioPhone Next is developed in collaboration with Google and operates on Android 11. It is pointed at customers who are thought to endure 4G services due to the reduction of budget devices.

Jio concludes that the upcoming mobile has tremendous potential and intends to sell five crore pieces in the next six months.

The 4G smartphone was revealed earlier in June during the 44th Reliance AGM. While presented the design, it held the specs under covers.

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Leaks propose that the mobile phone may feature—expected specs of the Jio Google Phone.

  • Display 5.5-inch
  • Powered by a Snapdragon 215 SoC
  • Up to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage.

Jio Google smartphone may capture a 13-megapixel rear and an 8-megapixel selfie shooter. While that was a concise presentation of the JioPhone Next, more details are to be announced by JioPhone on their official site whenever mobile is going to launch, so we have to wait to know more detailed specs of the Jio Google smartphone.

This smartphone created in partnership with Google is praised for being the most affordable 4G smartphone. It’s also deserving remarking that this is the first smartphone present from the brand.

We know that the smartphone will arrive in an old-fashioned design with thick top and bottom bezels. It will have a rear panel that houses a pill-shaped camera and an LED flash. Also, JioPhone Next may get a 3.5mm audio jack.

Work on the phone was initial announced in 2020 when Google announced a $4.5 million investment in Jio. Reliance stated earlier this year that it’s shifting its retail business onto Google’s cloud infrastructure as part of the collaboration.

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