What is DevOps, and How can it Benefit Your Company in 2023

What is DevOps, and How can it Benefit Your Company in 2023

Cover the needs of customers and give a quick response and, at the same time, offer a service that is stable, safe and predictable. That is the basis for understanding what DevOps is.

A software development philosophy that combines IT operations to increase the efficiency of software project delivery. 

DevOps is a set of practices, tools, and cultural philosophies that automates and integrates the processes shared by the software development and IT teams. 

It focuses on collaboration between these two disciplines to accelerate the software development life cycle through process automation, continuous code quality improvement, and IT infrastructure optimization. 

What is Devops, and what does it consist of? 

The DevOps movement arose in 2007 when the software development and IT operations communities objected to the traditional software development model. A model in which programmers work outside the operations team, which is in charge of implementing and supporting the code.

The term “DevOps”, which is a combination of the words “development” and “operations “, reflects the process of integrating these two disciplines into a single continuous process. 

Simply put, DevOps enables companies to increase the productivity and efficiency of software development. This is achieved by reducing wait times, improving code quality, and simplifying project delivery. It offers numerous benefits for companies that want to optimize their delivery of software projects. 

DevOps culture

This methodology is based on “Agile” collaboration practices between software developers and system administrators. This allows teams to work together effectively to improve software manufacturing processes.

Such teams embrace new ways of working, and collaboration and communication intensify to promote a culture of continuous learning. 

This culture implies coordinating people, processes and tools towards a more unified customer focus, with multidisciplinary teams responsible for a product’s entire life cycle.

DevOps is designed to reduce project launch time, improve product quality, and reduce costs. The DevOps philosophy is based on principles such as version control, orchestration, continuous integration, virtualization and the automation of repetitive tasks.

How can Devops benefit your company? 

There are many benefits that DevOps can bring to your company. However, those with an advanced IT structure are more likely to increase their performance. In this way, they expand their target in terms of project requirements. 

Some of these benefits are: 

Faster product deployment:

Thanks to the collaborative work of the teams, products are generated more quickly, and objectives are achieved more easily. This causes a faster implementation of the product in the market. 

Greater safety and better product quality:

Collaborative work exponentially improves code quality, efficiency, security, and agility in product development. 

More stable work environment:

A culture of innovation in the organization generates a warmer and more stable work environment. The teams all go together, collaborating and contributing. A collaborative culture based on continuous learning is born.

Greater space for innovation:

Due to the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, spaces are generated for innovation, creating new ideas and using new technologies that can favour work dynamics. 

Promotes Agility:

The most used work methodologies are «Agile» and «Scrum», and both allow to speed up the launch of a product. They also provide flexibility to teams, good organization and responsiveness to unforeseen events or changes. 

Quick troubleshooting:

There are six reasons why DevOps solves problems in an agile and fast way:

  1. Continuously implements
  2. Organize teams around the mission
  3. Build systems to achieve goals
  4. Creates quality products and monitors them
  5. Learn with mistakes
  6. Scale in teams and business figures. 

Production costs are reduced:

Any methodology that implies exponential growth and is based on technological tools that favour automation provides a reduction in production costs. 

Higher productivity:

DevOps is a philosophy that exponentially increases productivity and improves the efficiency of processes, thanks to the collaborative work of teams. 

99% find a positive impact on DevOps

Yes. According to an Atlassian survey, 99% of respondents say that DevOps positively impacts their organization.

The advantages, based on the survey results, are clear:

  • Faster and easier launches
  • Increased equipment efficiency
  • Higher safety, better quality products
  • Consequently, more happy teams and customers.

In short, those who have experienced it say that working with DevOps guarantees innovation and improvement in all business areas.

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